How To Write A Newsletter

Writing a newsletter is a balancing act.

From the point of view of the marketer, your point of view, there are 2 reasons to maintain the list and send out newsletters:

  1. Keep the list growing
  2. Sell your wares (products, opportunities and services)

In order to keep the list growing and with minimal opt-outs, you must keep those two goals in mind and provide value to your subscribers.

The most important thing in writing a newsletter for your valued customers is to add value to their lives!

Like social media, if you constantly market, market, market your list will steadily decline even when you continue to add new subscribers.
Each newsletter should include:

  • Value for the reader
  • Book, buy or join links

When every single newsletter is doing nothing besides offering some great deal or opportunity you will never sell your products, opportunities or services.

REVISION 2015: Due to the increase of mobile use it is essential that your newsletter is a one column layout. The two columns are not user friendly in mobile devices.

How To Write A Newsletter

Below is a revised image that illustrates the many features that an effective newsletter could include on a single column layout:

  1. The ability to share in social sites
  2. A branded header image with a hyperlink to your website
  3. Valuable information for the reader
  4. A regular feature
  5. Continue reading links to the blog articles/your website
  6. Book,  Buy, Join (An offer)
  7. Subscribe to our newsletter
  8. Share with a friend
  9. The sender’s name and physical address
  10. An unsubscribe link

We discuss some of these features in more detail below.
how to write a newsletter

Newsletter Can-Spam Act

It goes without saying that when writing a newsletter you should use a newsletter or email services provider.

A service provider will make sure that you are following all the Can-Spam Act rules such as:

  • Always include an unsubscribe link (10)
  • Include your physical location (9)
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines

All the rest of the legal stuff aside, it is not recommended that you send emails to lists from your computer.

We recommend as an affordable user-friendly service.

Writing Newsletters With Value

Writing a newsletter is not hard. Keep in mind that when you master how to write a newsletter of value, your list and your sales will slowly and steadily increase!

There is no hard and fast rule on how to write a newsletter but I recommend a consistent twice-monthly newsletter that is interesting to the niche that your list is in.

Each newsletter should include one or two quick tips or ideas that are NOT marketing messages. They must add value to the lives of your subscriber niche. (3)

  • If you sell decor you may be providing decorating tips.
  • Children’s toys: you may share a rainy day activity.
  • If you sell cooking or food items you may send out recipes or kitchen tips.
  • Over the holidays, a tip that will enhance their lives and make the holidays more enjoyable.

Your value-added tips should be good tips with or without your products involved. Your product may enhance the idea but a tip that ONLY works when they own a specific product is self-serving.

Marketing Message In Every Newsletter

In direct sales every newsletter should also include a marketing message or link. But is should not always be a hard sell message.Writing Newsletters

When you send out a newsletter of value always include a link in the footer, in the sidebar or within the text that covers your services.

Book, Buy, Join (6)

There are several types of content you could include beyond the tips and marketing:

  • Summary of recent blog articles with links to the site to ‘continue reading’: If you have a party plan blog that can be linked out of the newsletter for further information then you will get your list to the site to become exposed to other marketing messages. (3)
  • FAQs for your company: If there are questions that you hear often, a little blurb in the sidebar could be a regular feature.
  • A spotlight on a great customer, hostess or testimonial: People love to share things about themselves and appreciate what others say, even if you are the one telling them.
  • Seasonal advice or tips: Keeping your tips seasonal and timely will keep people reading and sharing.
  • Ongoing events: For example I always have a blurb about the Cash Flow Show Radio (4)
  • Of course product information and calendar of events.

That does not mean that every newsletter includes ALL of the above.

We never share your info!
No Spam! We Promise! Email:

The ones that are a constant buy this and buy that are the ones that quickly get unsubscribed from.

A good newsletter is one that provides great value so that people want to forward it on to their friends.

Viral Newsletters = Give Your Best Away For Free!

In social sites they say only 1:5 updates (some say 1:10) should be an all-out marketing message!

When you give your best ideas away for free in a simple newsletter that adds value to lives it will become viral and your list will share it with their friends and family.

A viral newsletter is a growing list.

Add simple links back to your site within every value-packed newsletter and be consistent.

The Big Sales!

A steady stream of newsletters and an occasional Big SALE or ‘don’t miss this deal’ is the balancing act that every business must master!

Compliment your quick tip newsletter with an occasional all-out marketing pitch and sales will happen!

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Long Newsletters Are Not Better

I subscribe to TONS of newsletters and the ones that require more than a quick read do not get read.

Don’t send out a news-book!