Labeled For Reuse With Modification

When grabbing images off of Google always adjust your search tools to be sure that you are only using those that are labeled for reuse with modification.

By setting those search parameters you are then free to use any image you find and also to brand it with your logo or website.

There won’t be as many images to choose from as there are when you just do a general search but you certainly do not want to get a letter from a lawyer stating you are in copyright violation, do you?

Labeled For Reuse With Modification
Note: The internet changes constantly so the exact wording of this option in Google images may change at any second, but you get the idea, right?

Labeled For Reuse With Modification

Trust me when I tell you that it is not a good feeling when you get one of those letters!

Labeled for reuse with modification definitely reduces the number of options that you have in the images but with some creative searching you can almost always find something appropriate.

Alternatively you can always buy photos at iStock photo or a similar site. I usually wait for a sale and load my account with $20 and buy a dozen or so to add to my inventory.

After getting on their mailing list you will also occasionally have the opportunity to download free images as one of their promotions.

Once you grab a few photos it is easy to brand them in your mobile using an app. I use PicArt, or you can use an open source software like Gimp. There are also hundreds of free photo editing online websites as well as social sharing programs that include editing capabilities such as CinchShare.

If you are going to do a Google search and just grab an image off the web – which is fine – always play it safe and go to Google images then select labeled for reuse with modification!

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