Make A Power Generator & Bring Your Own Electricity

It is simple to make a power generator so that when you attend vendor events to market your business you can bring along your own electricity.

If you need to light your space, run a laptop or operate a gadget you no longer have to be at the mercy of the event’s rules and pricing.

Typically there are limited electrical outlets at events that are available for an extra fee. If you are doing outdoor events, electricity can be hard to come by, but it’s possible to bring your own electrical source for a moderate investment.

What You Need To Make A Power Generator

Providing your own power isn’t all that difficult. Seriously, I don’t even like pumping my own gas, so if I can do it, you can!

You need:

  •  Power Inverter:  At Harbor Freight, Amazon or a hardware store. Get the type with alligator clips.  (Like the connections on jumper cables for your car) The one I got at Harbor Freight was $20 and has two outlets for plugs.
  • 12 Volt Lawn Tractor Battery:  You should be able to find a battery for $20-$30. You will also want some kind of container or battery box to carry everything.

Set Up Your Power Generator

Follow the manual that came with your power inverter to connect it to the battery. Don’t panic, it’s not complicated!

The usual connection is as follows in this order:

  1. First connect the negative (-) alligator clip on the power inverter to the negative terminal on the battery
  2. Then the positive (+) alligator clip to the positive terminal of the battery. The positive connection should be made last. Sometimes there is a small spark when you connect the positive alligator clip to the battery. This is normal.
  3. Plug in the device. Turn on the power inverter. Turn on your device.

That’s it….

While operating your inverter, leave the battery in the battery box, and run the inverter outside of it where it’s well ventilated. I usually set the inverter on the lid of the battery box on the floor next to the battery. There will be some humming or fan noise while the inverter is running.

make a power generator

If the battery runs too low, the inverter sound an alarm. Use a battery charger between events to ensure the battery has a full charge.

There are many ways that you can spruce up your booth with electrical power.

If you are doing an outdoor event, you could string rope lights to your canopy. If you sell jewelry, twinkle lights will make your jewelry sparkle.

My essential oil diffusers always attract attention and draw customers to my table.

About Sue Kaup

Sue KaupSue Kaup is a recently retired elementary school special ed paraprofessional who didn’t know a GMO from an EO.

Concern about the ingredients in the hand cream and lip balm her granddaughter was using led her to find and become a consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies.

She is an active blogger, and an organic and wellness activist. Follow her blog at

Make a power generator and stand out at your next event by lighting the way to your vendor spot!


    Shared by: Sue Kaup:

    It does depend on the age and size of the battery, and how much you have plugged into it. A freshly charged battery will last all day at a vendor event. I usually have 2 essential oil diffusers plugged into it. Like a lawnmower battery it can be recharged also.

    Shared by: Laurie Kraus:

    How long would you say this set up will last you?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      That is a good question, Laurie – I guess it depends on how much technology you have attached. but I will reach out and ask Sue to see if we can find a better answer for you!

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