Netiquette: Social Do’s And Don’ts

Social do’s and don’ts online are not all that different than offline!

There are millions of potential leads in the real world and in social cyberspace!

Getting your fair share requires a bit of etiquette or in the case of online socializing what I call “netiquette” .

“Netiquette” Is Online Etiquette!

Generating leads on social networking sites is very similar to networking offline at any business event.


There are a few do’s and don’ts that will help you be more successful.

Doing the do’s and not the don’ts, just like you would in a personal offline connection, will help you find more direct sales leads and become a successful social networking site marketer.

Social Networking Do’s

  • Be yourself. It is best to do your own writing and promoting. Let your personality shine through – the same as you would when giving a presentation or speaking at a team training session.
  • Respond promptly and courteously to all comments – good and bad. Social media sites have their fair share of abusive posters; let the abusive comments pass, but make sure to respond to all other comments.
  • Ask for opinions about your products and services. Use the responses to improve what you are offering.
  • Listen. Pay close attention to your Fan comments. Use this information to improve your marketing technique.
  • Find ways to give away something of value on the various social media sites you use. It can be information, advice, or products. Giving away something of value on a regular basis will boost your recognition and eventually boost your sales.
  • Post on a regular basis and keep all posts relevant and interesting.
  • Do join groups in your niche and be an active contributor.
  • Use a professional image on both your fan page and your profile. The dog might be cute but generally won’t be good for business.
  • Do utilize all of the tools available to you, including links, polls, discussion boards, photos and all of the other bells and whistles. This offers a level of variety that will bolster your direct sales business.
  • Create value for your friends and fans.

Don’ts When It Comes To Socializing

  • Don’t forget the visuals. Pictures and videos provide a tremendous boost to sales. Don’t forget to include some visual representation of your products.
  • Don’t forget previous hostesses. When using social media sites, you are constantly looking for new bookings. However, it is important to stay in contact with women who have previously hosted your events. Say hello, ask if she is ready to book again, or just send her some new information.
  • Don’t post links on other people’s walls unless they are relevant to the conversation.
  • Don’t overwhelm your fans with too many messages. Create a posting schedule and then stick to it.
  • Don’t sell with every post. Some posts should only be conversational or informational. Selling all the time seems pushy.
  • Don’t put your competition down. Negativity about other products often turns people off.
  • Don’t lie! You can promote and add some hype when talking about your product, but lies will come back to bite you in the you-know-what!
  • Don’t try to sell. Only about 1 or 2:10 status updates should be direct and overt marketing attempts.
  • Don’t approach your lead generation efforts haphazardly.
  • Don’t spend your whole life on FaceBook!

Social or business networking online is not that different than networking offline.

Call it netiquette or etiquette but really just be polite!

Be considerate and you will attract people who want what you have!

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