No Facebook Parties For Me Because….

Two people this week told me that “I can’t do Facebook parties because…

  1. It is a special shipping fee when sent via direct ship to separate locations.
  2. People want their things immediately when they order online and it takes too long to wait for the show to close.

No Facebook Parties!?

When you say no Facebook partying in your business you are shutting the door on a viable stream of income.

Using all resources to generate cash flow in your business is the path to consistent income. Like all the ways to make money (fundraisers, catalog shows, 1:1 events, bridal shows, etc.) in Melanie Moore’s Avenue Of Bookings, saying no Facebook parties reduces your cash flow!
I’ve been told that people order online from those same reps but the Facebook party doesn’t work because of the two excuses listed above.  That does not make sense… if they place an individual order the direct shipping charges apply too!

And The No Facebook Party Survey Says….

I decided to conduct my own little survey because I never heard people complain about these issues before.

I spoke to six reps in six party plan-specific companies and most seem to think that the extra shipping and slow processing (while waiting for the show to close) is a non-issue.

Pampered Chef Leader:

None of these things are issues anymore. PC has had a total change in systems. Every order, whether at a live or virtual party, ships directly to the customer as soon as they order – assuming the rep enters it in the system with a credit card or in the case of online parties. The only order that waits till the party closes is the host’s order.

Lovewinx – The Company’s Top Leader:

I train on this all the time and it is a huge revenue source for my team. The Lovewnx system is not very accommodating but we do a great business in Facebook parties because we teach them how to do it.

Flat rate shipping goes direct to customer and is reasonable. Rep may take a little hit but it is worth it because of not driving or anything. We train that the show must close 24 hours after the online party ends.

Our consultants order merchandise and then reship. They have to give a little and they need to place orders quickly outside of the system.

Keep in mind:

  1. The rep spends one hour or less for an online party – not days or weeks if taking orders.
  2. Create compelling specials at the end of the party to establish urgency.
  3. Request guests to place orders directly with the consultant within 24 hours. Extend 24 hours if needed.
  4. Order then reship.

Thirty-One – A Rep Who Does A Lot Of Virtual Events:

It’s $4 extra direct ship fee for orders not shipped to hostess. I’ve only had one person complain during a FB party about it. From the items I’ve shipped on my own (if I have it in inventory) our shipping fees are less than personal shipping inside the party. We don’t have a free shipping over a certain order amount like Avon and Mary Kay offer sometimes.

The orders aren’t processed until the party is closed, but I have a graphic that explains that and haven’t had any complaints. Some people like it when the closing date is just after their payday so don’t mind waiting. Usually the party guests aren’t in a rush and my regular customers who are ordering on a timetable will do a retail order instead if necessary instead of an open party.

I also check our business update to see the status of orders shipping. I know from experience that orders mid-month ship faster than end of the month or beginning of the month when sales are usually more.

Overall, I’ve found good communication solves any issues or concerns and I’ve only lost 1-2 orders over the years.

Currently I’m hosting a Pampered Chef party with someone right now and she told me that orders process within a day of when the show takes place. I ordered (as a guest) on a Yanbal Jewelry party a couple of weeks ago and the orders processed quickly – we had to pay the individual shipping.

People don’t mind that. Everyone is used to direct shipping when shopping these days.

Barefoot Book Distributor

Our general model with Barefoot whether it’s a home or Facebook party, is to ship to the guest rather than the host. I have occasionally lost an order because someone wanted to order a $7 book and thought our $4.99 shipping was too much. I usually explain the shipping is flat rate, so it’s very reasonable when you get 3 or 4 books.

Also our orders ship immediately to each guest regardless of whether the party has closed.

If we didn’t do that, I would probably tell the host ahead of time that we should close the party 24 – 48 hours after the live event. I’ve usually found that extending the party much beyond that doesn’t get more orders anyway because the urgency is gone.

I can see it being an issue if people are doing FB parties that last for two weeks and not live at a specific, etc. If the event is on a particular day and it’s closed fairly quickly, it seems like it wouldn’t be that different than a home party.

Jordan Essentials – A Rep Who Does MOST Of Her Business In FB Parties:

We really haven’t had many complaints with that. With JE once a direct ship is submitted it gets processed. They don’t have to wait for the party to close.

Hope that helps some! Honestly, no problems with either extra ship or timeline but I could see where that could pose a problem if they keep the show open too long. I always have a set time for the party not a two week span and then only give them 2 days after.

Scentsy Leader:

Guests either shop online and pay the standard online direct shipping, or local people can message me. There is free shipping for qualifying parties, but only to one address.

Orders through the Scentsy sites ship independently as soon as they are ready, so there is only a delay for those people who are local and shipping to the hostess. (I let them know when the party is closing).

Neither has caused problems for me – basically it is all about communication no matter what kind of party it is. I have never had a complaint.

If the host is out of town (from me), then host benefits go to the host and ship free. People who live local to her and want free shipping can message me with their orders and to arrange payment (assuming she is willing to deliver to them, which has never been a problem). Some opt to just use the website. People who aren’t local to her can use the site and select the appropriate party as usual for online orders.

The website orders count toward her party sales. But Scentsy ships them whenever they’re ready, not waiting for the party to close if it is a direct shipment.

Most of my online hosts have people ordering who are not local to them/me and don’t mind using the website.

I don’t know why someone would not try it and see how it goes. I was surprised to see how many didn’t mind the shipping charge. But then, the delayed delivery isn’t an issue with my company so I don’t know how that would change things.

This is DEB talking –
As suspected I really do think it is an attitude issue. It is all about having a plan and communicating… Host coaching!!

I personally shop direct sales frequently and always as individual direct ship orders. I have experienced shipping fees of all amounts, but typically $4.95 to $8.95. Not bad… people expect shipping fees online.

As you read above communication is the KEY and to get your head into the game!

Don’t think I can’t – this won’t work… think how can I make this work?

If you don’t, you are missing out on a viable income stream!!

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