Party Check In Increases Engagement

One of the best ways to start your virtual party with some immediate engagement is to post a roll call or party check in a few minutes before the show starts.

This will help in 2 areas:

  1. Bookings
  2. Attendance

Increase Bookings With Party Check In

Create a cool graphic to share then post it a few minutes before start time and ask who will be joining the party.

party check in

Ask them to check in on the post comments and share how they know the host.

This will give you a clue on who is a close friend or family member so you can zero in early on those most likely to book a future party. The best friend or favorite aunt are the ones you want to be aware of.

You can then watch for that window of opportunity to personally approach them to secure the booking.

Often they will comment again later with something that you may be able to use to entice them to host a party of their own.

When a post regarding the booking benefits rolls out be sure to tag her in the comments.

@Aunt Debbie – you can get the complementary piece that goes with the order you just placed at half price at your own party and Host Lisa gets extra credit today!!

Use Roll Call For Attendance

When you host coach leading up to your Facebook party be sure to tell your host to watch the party check in and as the appointed time approaches she should make note of those who said they would be there and have not commented.

Ask her to reach out via text or private message to those who said yes and are not there.

Always tell them the reason why you are asking them to do it and they probably will! Tell her/him that it will boost attendance and her benefits as well!

Just give her a simple message to send:
Will you make my party? We are starting soon….

A quick direct message to the host as you post the party check in will also be a good reminder for her to keep an eye on the roll call and reach out personally to those who may have forgotten.

Anything you can do to get the guests involved in a party check in will increase engagement and assist with sales and bookings.

I recently did a Facebook Scrabble game as the lead in post 3 hours prior to the event and it really got the guests participating in the event even before it started.

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