Put Pinnable Images On Every Page!

Have you ever found an article or website you want to share on Pinterest then when you go to pin it there are no pinnable images?

I have!

It happens all the time and often it is on a direct sales website.

Have Pinnable Images

Make sure you have pinnable images on every page!

After realizing that Pinterest brings more people to the Cash Flow Show than any other social activity I made a decision to put a unique, interesting and pinnable image on every page.

This page titled Business Activities To Do When Traveling & No Internet got over 100 pins in less than 3 days but Facebook only got 7 shares!!

Images Pinnable

Now that is powerful!

If you have a blog be sure that you have all the social sharing buttons and an interesting pinnable image on every page.

Take the time to learn a photo-editing program and add your brand to the bottom. (Gimp is free open source editing software. PicArt is good too in the mobile.)

If your company’s direct sales affiliate site does not include images that can be pinned call them and request the change.

Without an image it will never get shared!

Branded images pinned in Pinterest travel the world via re-pin!

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