Publish Your Phone Number!!!

If you are in business and you want people to reach you, then you MUST publish your phone number online!

I recently had several situations where I was trying to reach a direct seller and could not find their phone number online.

If you want to make money people NEED to be able to call you!

Use Vonage To Publish Your Phone Number

It is understandable why you may not want to plaster your personal phone number all over the internet.

I recommend Vonage or another VOI (voice over internet) service that is similar.

Publish Your Phone Number

With a very affordable investment (I think I pay $18.55 now) you will never have to give out your personal or cell phone number again.

A Vonage number can be forwarded to up to 4 different numbers. You could have BOTH your cell and landline simu-ring so you never miss a call and no one will be the wiser!

This not-so-new  technology can simplify your life and make communication with business partners simpler and more cost-effective.

Other Vonage Features

Other communication features that ensure you never miss a beat in your home business include call forwarding, online call received and placed logs, integration with cell phones, international calling and more.

I LOVE the feature of voice mail converted to text message or emails!!

Never dial in to hear your voice mails… just check your text or email and read your VM!

Even if you never use your Vonage line for dialing out, it saves the worries of publishing your phone number online and allows you to move or get a new personal number without going all over the internet trying to change your number!

You can program your calls to be forwarded anywhere and change that forwarder in seconds anytime you want. Basically, you can move anywhere in the world (almost) and never change your phone number again.

You MUST publish your phone number online if you are serious about making money in your home business!!

Get a Vonage number if you do not want to publish your personal phone number! They are always offering a special, so invest in your business!

Make it easy for people to call you!

Trust me… if they cannot reach you they will call someone who DOES have their number published!!


    Shared by: Jessica:

    Feel free to call! 757-310 7379

    Shared by: Monique Berarducci:

    How does my phone number get published? Thanks, Monique Berarducci 9178157497

    Shared by: Marilyn Romero:

    (805) 722-9229

    Shared by: aymen:

    +216 20787623 call me if you looking for money or any urgent help

    Shared by: Michael Petro:

    I’d like to publish my number for my catering service. It is Petro’s Catering in Cincinnati. 708-689-4373. We handle all types and sizes of jobs!

    Shared by: Donnie:

    (862) 256-4579

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