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A recent Facebook direct message question:

Do you think getting a website domain to redirect to your businesses direct sales replicated site is a good investment?

Redirect Domain
When I first bought this website’s domain, the one I really wanted was not available.

Since then I have been able to purchase it and now use it as a redirect domain that is easier to say and use for marketing offline.

The domain redirects to

Should You Buy Redirect Domain

Deb’s answer:

Every direct seller should have a redirect domain if it is allowed in your company’s online policy guidelines.

Having a domain that is easy to say, easy to spell and easy to remember will make it much easier to market your business offline. (Also make sure to get a .com as opposed to any other extension.)

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A Domain Is Cheap!

Purchasing a domain is one of the most affordable investments you could possibly make in your business!

At the annual fee is anywhere from $3.00 – $15 depending on the domain.  It is an annual renewal but without a hosting package for actually publishing the site that is it!

Nothing else!

After you buy it, it is simple to set up a redirect on the back end.  Just be sure you do so without masking.

A masked redirect means that if it is redirecting to – when the guests get there it will still say in the browser bar. Even if they click through to other pages on the site, the will still show in the browser.

Masking may be called something different if you buy your domain somewhere other than .

This will most likely mess with the affiliate cookies and if they save or bookmark the url it will be to the masked domain not your real domain so you may not get commissions from any current or return sales.

EVERY direct seller should have a redirect domain that is easy to use and remember!

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