How To Use YouTube Descriptions

YouTube descriptions (and YouTube keywords) are one of the least used SEO tools on the web. Listen to the first set of the Cash Flow Show Radio below or visit the show page for the full broadcast!

SEO = Search Engine Optimization = The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a certain website or page by using techniques on the page that will ensure that it appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. YouTube Descriptions

Use YouTube Descriptions

While SEO is a pretty complicated subject (it takes a few dozen people to make an expert) there are a few simple things that you can do on each YouTube video page that quickly enhance the chances that it will show up on page one of a search engine.

A conversation about how to use YouTube descriptions is not complete without a discussion on the title and keywords of your YouTube video.

How To Use YouTube Keywords

Each video should target 2-4 keywords that are similar to each other.

  • An example of related keywords is: how to start a business, start a business, start a home business
  • An example of not related keywords is: work at home, start a business, join my company

While they do basically mean the same thing, they are not similar.

Each of the ‘not good’ keyword examples listed above should have its own video.

Like this – one video for each group of keywords:

  • Join MyFantasticCompany, Why join MyFantasticCompany, MyFantasticCompany
  • Start a business, Start A Direct Sales Business, Start direct sales business, start business
  • Work at home, work from home, working from home

After you have your keyword group determined it is time to title it and write your YouTube description.

Most people do not use YouTube descriptions at all!!!

Make sure to include your keyword or phrase in the title then use all the related keywords at least once in the first 2 to 3 paragraphs of the description.

Put a web link to a related page where you want your guest to go as the very first thing in the description box then your keyword-rich paragraphs followed by another link then a bio of yourself.

The YouTube description box allows for 500+ words so take advantage of the space by using your targeted keywords without being spammy about it.

SEO for YouTube videos starts by first picking good keywords for each video then title-ing and describing them accordingly so your videos are on the right track to show up in the searches.

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