2 Direct Sales Booking Games

These  direct sales booking games ideas are fun and add value to your show.

If you play home party plan games at your show make sure they are FUN for the guests and serve a purpose for you, the consultant.

In the direct sales industry how to get bookings for home parties can be an ongoing frustration.

If you don’t have shows booked, you don’t make any sales; if you don’t make any sales, you don’t earn any money.

Make your booking games FUN and you are sure to schedule parties at every show!

Direct Sales Booking Games

Games must be FUN for the guests or they will be counter productive!

The Deal or No Deal Booking Game:

For this game you will allow guests to choose an envelope (or jewelry box or other appropriate container) which contains a prize.
Booking Game Ideas
Guests will each take one, prior to learning how the game works, and then have the chance to take the deal and open the envelope or not do the deal and hand it back to you after learning how the game works.

Make up enough envelopes so everyone can take one and fill about two-thirds with a prize plus a paper stating “host a fun-filled (company name) show with me!”

The prizes can be a free shipping coupon, $25 off your order, or a coupon for a free item.

The no deal is a way out…. they should understand that if they say no deal they maybe saying no deal to a booking and yet it may be a discounted order. We do not want to force people to host a show so if they are not willing they should take the no deal.

Book To LookAnother similar game that you may want to check out is the the Book To Look game

Tell the guests that the only rule is that if they do the deal they must honor the prize and that you will also honor it.  You could easily get two or three bookings from a 15-guest show with this home party plan game.

Ribbon BOOKINGS Show Game:

Another booking game idea that is great for jewelry shows is the Ribbon Game. It is simple and can work with other product lines too.

Tie three ribbons on your host’s wrist (or you could use jewelry) and tell the guests that for each show booked tonight, the host will get to remove one ribbon.

If all three are removed the host gets a special gift.

Guests will be excited to see if they all get removed and are more likely to book a show if their friend gets a prize.

What ever direct sales booking games you play make sure your guests are laughing and having fun!

No fun = no bookings!


    Shared by: Kathy Jenks:

    Never thought of booking games. To use a fun tool like a game to have the attendees book with you is brilliant. You certainly get my brain thinking about how to make a business opportunity meeting fun. Even for someone like myself who is not in a party planning direct sales, I think I could use games to get referrals for customers and/or business partners. Referrals are the bread and butter of a network marketing company and this article really got my brain going on how I could use booking games to grow my business. Also loved the ribbon game. I can implement all these ideas in to my network marketing business opportunity meetings,

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