The Adjective Game For Parties

The adjective game is a great opener for your home party or team training event.

Ask the audience to introduce themselves with a nice descriptive adjective that starts with the same letter of their first name.

For example:

  • I’m Delightful Dorothy.
  • My name is Marvelous Mary.
  • Call me Courageous Cathy!
  • I am Luscious Lucy.

As they do so, take notes and jot down each person’s name.

After you go around the room and everyone shares then add one for yourself too, like: Dynamite Deb!

The Adjective Game

Continue with your opening to the party inserting the adjectives that they have just given you!

Lets say the adjectives are some of those on this image….

adjective game

Your new adjective heavy intro will go like this:

As I said, I am Dynamite Deb!

As you know, I represent MyFantasticCompany, the most delightful company in the world. We sell magnificent products.

I am very pleased to be in this courageous home tonight. I must admit, we have a luscious hostess.

Of all the groups I have ever held a party with, you are by far the most grandest and once again, I want to thank our well-formed hostess for inviting me into her home this evening.

I am sure by the end of the evening, you will agree I am the most statuesque consultant you have ever met.

I do hope that you have such a good time tonight that you invite me into your foxy home, so that we can have more fun and you get some of our hot merchandise free, too.

Now, I will continue with our presentation because afterwards, our sightly hostess will be serving some charming refreshments.

From there, just continue with your show using the new names of the guests whenever possible!

“So, Vivacious Vivian – what were the rewards you earned at your party?”

2 Adjectives Games

Alternatively, you can take the adjective game described above and use it as 2 different adjectives games as follows:

  1. Have each person introduce themselves with their adjective and name, like Marvelous Mary but they also have to introduce all those who came before them. My name is Marvelous Mary and this is Delightful Dorothy, Courageous Carol, etc. all the way back!
  2. Ask each person to give you a different adjective (not related to their name); take the notes on the adjectives and do the same game listed above. Tell them you want a wide variety of adjectives, anything really. They can relate to food, or art, or people, but doing this you will get more variety when you put together your little ‘story’ opener.

When you introduce the adjective game the more you can encourage them to use unusual adjectives or those from different subjects, the funnier it will be!

Fun is the key to all home party plan success so make sure you and your guests have fun playing the adjective game!

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