Ask Me About My Business Game

With all the home party plan games on the site, I was surprised when someone asked me recently for the “Ask Me About My Business” game that had never been posted!

The following Ask Me About My Business opportunity game is one I am sure most of you have heard of before but here it is by request!

If you are not comfortable sharing your opportunity then this is a terrific game for you.

Ask Me About My Business Game

Ask Me About My Business game
Decide what gift you are offering to the winner.

You can then either issue tickets or use the gift as an item to be passed back and forth by the guests as they ask the questions.

Using a clock or timer, set a predetermined time frame, not too long, maybe 2 minutes maximum.

During this time ask the guests to do one of two things.

  1. They can ask you about your company and how you make money doing what you do
  2. They can tell you what they would do if they had an extra $125 per week coming into the household.

If you are using the ticket approach, then everyone who asks a question gets a ticket for every question or income statement they make.

At the end you have a drawing.

Or if you are passing the item around the guests just pass it to whoever is sharing and when the timer rings or the time is up, that person keeps the gift.

Sprinkle About Your Business

During the Ask Me About My Business game you will be able to put out a lot of information about your business opportunity.

You can also use what you have learned during the game to zero in on who may be interested in the business opportunity based on the questions they ask.

A strategy is to create your games and shows in such a way that it gives you the information you are looking for.

The game will stimulate interest in your opportunity and give you information to use as your guests check out.

  • You can then say to those who asked about the vacations:

“Where did you go on vacation last year?”

“Would you be interested in more information about traveling for free with XYZ company?”

  • If someone said, “I would use the extra $125 to put the kids into private school.”

You may ask the guest during check out:

“What school does your child go to now?”

“Why do you want them to switch schools?”

And so on; you can ease into your opportunity with benefits specific to their needs.


    Shared by: shannon:

    I have some “ask me about my job cards” and will give them a try. I will give them a ticket and draw for the grand prize. Thanks

    Shared by: Mary:

    Great party game idea.
    thank you!

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