Learn The ‘Book To Look’ Game

On this segment from the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio our guest, Kathy Nicholls of South Hill Designs shared her favorite bookings game!

Listen to Kathy’s portion of the radio show here to learn how to play the ‘Book To Look‘ game!

Listen to Kathy talking about the book and look game here and/or visit the show page to check the schedule for upcoming shows.

The Book To Look Envelope Game

This home party game is called Book To Look because your guests must book a party before they can look inside their envelope!
Book To Look

Create your brightly colored envelopes and include a variety of different prizes in each one.

One envelope will have a grand prize of greater value and the others can have things like:

  • $10 Extra Credit At Your Show
  • Free Shipping Tonight
  • 10% Additional FREE Products At Your Party
  • Free Postage For Mailing Invitations
  • Smaller Gifts Of Your Choice

You may want to create your own system so that any envelopes returned unused are easy to distinguish what prize was in them. For example, the red one always has the grand prize and the yellow the free shipping, etc. This would make it easy to replenish your envelopes for the next event.

The key is to make a big hooray about the envelopes and create some curiosity from the beginning of your show.

Hand out the envelopes as you launch your party and tell the guests that you will talk more about them at the end of the show….

“Tuck it under your tush! Don’t open them!!

Make sure everyone has fun at your party and during the presentation be sure to use home party selling techniques that focus on the many benefits of having their own show!

At the end of the show when you are ready to talk bookings, give your regular bookings talk about the benefits of hosting a show. Tell them that when they do schedule there own event, they can open the envelope.

  • The envelopes may be opened when they pick their date tonight.
  • The prize inside will be given at their future party and only when it is held on the the original show date.

Often if the first colorful envelope that is opened does not include the grand prize then it creates some competition and sense of urgency with other guests who may be on the fence because the grand prize is still up for grabs.

This game is simple and works!  Thank you Kathy Nicholls for sharing your Book To Look game!

When your show is fun and the game is fun then bookings will happen!


    Shared by: Pamela Elliott:

    I’m excited about the games….can’t wait to do them…especially the Dice.

    Shared by: Melissa:

    Thank you so much!! I appreciate all the helps. Can’t wait to build my team and get them involved in this wonderful training.

    Shared by: shannon:

    Thank you. Now I have a few more games that I can play to get bookings.

    Shared by: Kathy Nicholls:

    Thank you so much, Deb, for allowing me to be a part of your show. I truly enjoyed it! I hope the tip helps folks book lots of parties!

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