2 Direct Selling Presentation Games

One of the most popular topics on the site is direct selling presentation games.  There is an entire category devoted to direct selling party games that you may want to visit.

One of the reasons is that the party is so successful is that it provides a way to get several things done in one sitting. All busy women are fans of multitasking, right?

Women are even more receptive to shopping and buying new things when they are comfortable, relaxed and having fun. Shopping is never fun when you’re stressed, overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

It’s up to the party plan consultant to make the party environment inviting and entertaining. Having FUN, fast paced presentation games are one way to set the stage for a successful party.

Not only do they help guests get to know one another they can help break the ice, introduce new products, and get guests active and involved.

The Toilet Paper Show Icebreaker Game

direct selling presentation gamesThis show game is sure to get your guests laughing and is a great icebreaker. Pass around a roll of toilet paper, and ask each guest to tear off some. Be somewhat vague as to how much.

Don’t let them know what it’s for, and let them know that the piece can be as long as they would like.

When everyone has torn off some toilet paper, let them know that they will have to tell the other guests something about themselves for every square of toilet paper they are holding.

This is a great way for to get everyone talking and for the hostess and consultant to introduce themselves. You can even use your sheets of toilet paper to talk about the benefits of working as a direct sales consultant.

Presentation Games With Products On The Floor

Use this game to get guests involved and introduce some of the products.

Ask guests to write their names and favorite product on a small sheet of paper. Put them in a bowl.

Place three or four small product prizes on the floor.

Pick names from the bowl and read off each persons favorite item.  That guest can select a prize from the floor and explain why they love the product that they wrote down while you show the actual product on their card.

After all the prizes are picked up, the next person whose name is read will have to take a prize from one of the guests of of the original 3 prizes. (Kind of like a Chinese Gift Exchange). After everyone’s name is read, the guests holding the 3 prizes win.

This game is great for sales because the audience will believe their friends more than they believe you.

Part of the success of home parties is based on keeping the ball rolling and continually booking future parties. More fun means more bookings!


    Shared by: Deb The Sales Trainer:

    Sounds like you know your audience! Good for you!

    Shared by: Phyllis O'Neill:

    Great article, Deb! I’ll always believe in playing games at parties 🙂 There are usually 1 or 2 who kind of get “that look” on their face when you mention the word “game,” but that just motivates me even more to make SURE that those guests have even MORE fun playing! And, 9 times out of 10, those ARE the ones who usually end up having the most fun 🙂 I love that challenge!

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