Burst Your Bubble For Home Parties

Playing short, fun games is a terrific way to get the guests interacting at your home party.

The key words are ‘short’ and ‘fun.’

There is nothing worse than a long boring game to cut into your sales at your show.

I have had several requests lately from consultants for new game ideas to play at their parties…

This one is short and will literally start your show off with a BANG! Most likely you have not tried it before!

Burst Your Bubble For Home Parties

This is a get-em-laughing show or team meeting icebreaker!
Burst Your Bubble Game For Home Parties
Explain that the first to blow a balloon, sit on it and pop it gets a prize.

Then just throw a handful of balloons into the crowd.
(We assume it is a crowd… right?)

It’s fun and is a terrific way to get a show started with a bang!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Cool – I thought it sounded like fun too, Mary – short, quick, fun and definitely breaks the ice!

    Shared by: mary:

    Looking much forward to trying this on my group at our next North Carolina NC Scrapbook Retreats & crop.

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