The Catalog Game For Parties

As our guest on the Cash Flow Show Home Business Radio, Scentsy consultant Briana Kimmel shared her interactive Catalog Game with listeners.

Listen to Brianna Kimmel on the radio here and/or visit the radio page to check the broadcast times and listen to the full show (through 10/31/18).

The Catalog Game For Parties

The Catalog Walk is a great way for newbie distributors who are uncomfortable with the sales process to soft sell the catalog items.

Put a sticker or draw a star around the page number of a different page in all or some of the catalogs that you will be handing out. Pick pages with items that you want to sell or draw attention to.

When your presentation gets to that page, whoever has the catalog with the sticker/star gets to draw a prize from a basket of wrapped prizes.

Alternately, you can use cards – give each person a card from the top of a deck and at the end of the show whoever has the high card wins a prize.
Briana Kimmel
You can also ask the hostess to greet the guests and ask each one of them to randomly pick a page that appeals to them and place the stars for you. You then gather the catalogs up and redistribute them.

Take this concept a step further and during the presentation ask each guest why the page or item appealed to them.

Briana Kimmel is a California native, currently living and working in San Diego.

By day, she works at a corporate training and development company and on the side she is a consultant for Scentsy.

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