The Dice Game Booking Tool

A week never passes that I do not get asked for information on the dice game.

The dice game is a fun game that targets bookings.

Brenda Smith, Director 9 with Melaleuca, shared her professional-looking version of the Dice Game on the Cash Flow Show Radio a couple years back.

I think Brenda should package and sell this!!

The Dice Game

You do not need to get as fancy as Brenda does, but as she says, the real game look and feel along with the ability to pass it around makes it more effective!

The Dice GameFor this game you will need a pair of dice, 11 envelopes with cards numbered 2 – 12, a grand prize of greater value and several goody bags or inexpensive gifts.

The grand prize does not have to be expensive but should represent good value to the winner.

The goody bags or inexpensive gifts can be anything.

A collection of things in your product line, excess inventory or items such as lotion, candles, body wash, recipe or tip cards, etc. work great and can be purchased cheaply from your company or at a discount store.

Recruiting gift bags would be perfect for this.

The envelope numbers are important:

  • Envelope #2: the card inside should be labeled Grand Prize
  • #3, #4, #10, #11 & #12 labeled Win a Prize
  • #5 – #9 labeled Book a Show.

The numbers take into account the probability of each number coming up, with a 2 appearing only 2.78% of the time and numbers 5 – 7 resulting most often!

The Dice Game Works Like This

Tell your guests that you have a great gambling game and the players have a chance to win really nice prizes.
The Dice Game
Make sure that you explain the game well and be transparent so that the guests understand that they can choose not to play if they are not willing to host a party.

Each player will roll the dice and will receive the corresponding envelope to the number they rolled. For instance, if they roll a 2 and 4, they will get envelope #6.

Explain the game and the prizes and be clear that if they choose to play, then they must follow through with the envelope they get. So…

  1. If they get the Grand Prize, they may take the prize home with them.
  2. If they get Win a Prize, they get to take the goody bag home with them.
  3. If they get Book A Show, they MUST book a show which helps the hostess and entitles them to receive free products at their own show and a very special gift at their party too.

At this point it is always good to explain the great hostess benefits and all that they will get when they have their show.

Brenda Smith
Be clear so they don’t feel tricked!

The only rules are that the winner will do what their prize says and that they can choose not to play if they are not willing to have a party.

Brenda Smith, Director 9 with Melaleuca

Before anyone opens their envelopes, tell them that anyone who dates their party in advance will get the prize you are showing to them AND they will get what’s in their envelope.

Party Plan Games Must Be Fun

Make sure you get winning hosts to pick a date on the calendar even if it is a tentative date!

Every home party plan consultant wants more bookings. Be sure that your games are FUN because if they are not FUN they will have the opposite effect!


    Shared by: Joy Hampson:

    This looks like fun!
    Question: Would you recommend playing more than one game per party, i.e. a recruiting game and a booking game?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      That is up to you Joy – games must be fun, fast paced and not too long. If you can do it and the guests stay engaged then it is up to you. Or take one game and use it for both somehow….

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    This game works! I have used it at parties and events!

    loved the pics showing how to change up the game for the seasons.

    When I do events I use big fuzzy dice and my numbered cards have colorful balloons on them and they are laminated. I keep the prizes in a huge shopping bag and have them reach in for a prize…makes it a little more exciting!

    Shared by: Karla Jones:

    I always play this game. It works. Yes, if 2 people roll the same number the second person just rolls again until they don’t. Some times at a big party, I’ve been known to go to one die (if all the high numbers keep coming up),

    Shared by: Theresa Pyle:

    I’ve never played the dice game either simply because I have never seen it explained. EVER! I just get advice to “play the dice game”. Thank you Deb for explaining this booking game with clarity and statistics of where to post our grand prize. I still don’t know what to do if a number is rolled more than once. Roll again???

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      My guess is yes – but it is pretty much make your own rules, Theresa!

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    I keep wanting to try this game, but something has been holding me back. I think I’m afraid that there won’t be any guests who’ll want to play.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      I have never been a game person, but I think the total professional game approach to this and a good explanation up front will make it go well. I bet you will get good results!

    Shared by: Savannah Jessup:

    How cool is this!! I am definitely setting one up!

    Shared by: Jessica:

    I have yet to play this game! I think I want to try it out for sure! How many envelopes get the book a party slip?

    Shared by: Jessica:

    what if people roll the same numbers? Do they roll again or get the same prize?

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Your tip was awesome too, Erin! This is so unique and simple it is a wonder that someone did not package it!

    Hey everyone, listen to Erin’s tip here:

    Shared by: Erin Thornton:

    so proud of you Brenda! You always know how to take an idea and make it work better! I am blessed to have you on my team!

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