Try The Fact Finder Icebreaker Game

The Fact Finder Icebreaker game is great way to help everyone relax and get the pleasurable conversation flowing. Party attendees will loosen up and feel more comfortable when you use a simple party or meeting icebreaker game.

It is well known that providing enjoyable entertainment at a direct sales home party can have a considerable impact on sales, gaining long term clients, and even the amount of new bookings that may be acquired.

Fact Finder Icebreaker
Sometimes doing a little homework before the event to learn more about the guests that will be attending may be in order. This ensures that the game you choose best fits the crowd and also may determine if they are actually the game type.

Fact Finder Icebreaker Game

This game is very unique for a direct sales business consultant because it allows a fun, personal connection to be made with each guest. It works well as a party game or a team meeting ice breaker.

You must talk to your party host prior to the appointment to find out a little interesting fact about each person on the invitation list. Please note, the more random the fact, the more challenging and entertaining the game.

It is important to hand write this list in large font on a piece of paper, leaving room to add more.

Keep in mind that the host may not necessarily be aware of who will be bringing an extra guest to the party, so always be prepared.

If this is the case, then throughout the introduction or meet-and-greet portion of your party, find out a little something interesting about the surprise guest and add it to your Fact Finder list.

When you have gathered all of your facts, number each one, then have everybody write down everyone else’s name on a sheet of paper. Place your list somewhere visible to all guests, and then each guest must then assign a Fact Finder number to each individual.

The guest with the highest number of correct assignments wins a gift. This can be a very engaging party game with open-ended opportunities for creativity and most of all client-bonding.

Bringing personality and charm to your show will not only boost sales, but will leave guests wanting the opportunity to entertain their own group of friends by hosting a show in their own home or venue. Contacts and clients are the most important part of expanding your own direct sales business. Try this popular networking game at your next show to get to know your clients and future clients in a fun, clever way!

Show Games With Value

Make sure that any home party games that you play at your show bring value to the experience for you, the consultant, for the guest and also for the host.  If you play games and have trouble with bookings you should look at the fun factor at your show!


    Shared by: Antoinette Mark:

    I have actually found another game to play at my shows, The Fact Finder game. I like the concept of this game.

    Shared by: Crystal Earley:

    Every consultant or rep should have a variety of games, factfinder or hostess coaching activities so she can get a feel for her audience. This will tailor her presentation to each individual group at their own unique level. Getting the guests interacting and comfortable, will also have the rep comfortable and provide the most fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Having an arsenal of different and varied activities to do this will greatly increase the showings success in all areas-sales, bookings and recruiting.

    Shared by: Barbara:

    I’ve not been a game player, but always ask questions and get everyone to interact. Sounds like fun!

    Shared by: Bridget Heckman:

    I wish there were a template for this but I can create one. This article told me that in order for party success, you must keep pleasurable conversation flowing and loosen the audience up through games. Fact Finder is good for any party plan. Your games have to have value for the customer, host and you. If they are not bringing more bookings your way, change your game plan!

    Shared by: Fran Sparks:

    This sounds like a great game to get to know about the guests. I do parties in resorts, and have no opportunity to prepare a game like this for thes types of parties. Any suggestions? I’d be more interested in recruiting and product, since hosting isn’t an option with these folks (all out of towners)

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Well, Fran – Why are they coming to the resort? Maybe you could do the same thing with what people are doing there, relax, get away, business, family vacation, etc… or as they arrive in the greeting portion ask where they are from and quickly write them down on a list, then have guest proceed to do the fact finding and try to guess where each of the other attendees live. Be creative and also, check in the team training category for other ice breakers:

    Shared by: Tami:

    I love that this isn’t necessarily what I consider a game but a fun, neat way to connect with your host and her guests ahead of time. And it’s ALL about building that connection/rapport.

    Shared by: Debbie Melfi:

    I just love all your info…great place to learn !

    Shared by: Lisa Owen:

    This could be very valuable because it would promote better Host follow up. She needs to follow up with every person she invited so that you know who’s coming so the game is a success.

    Shared by: Robin:

    I play the “Left Right Game” for an ice breaker at the beginning of my show. Then towards the end of the show I play the “Dice Game”, which gets me my bookings. Games are a big part in your home show presentation…. and everyone LOVES to win something!!!

      Shared by: Val:

      Please elaborate on the “left right game” and the “dice game”. What are they? how to play?

        Shared by: Deb Bixler:

        Here is an article on the Dice Game, Val:

        Re The Left Right Game:
        Have one to three prizes, depending on how many people play your home party plan games and hand them out randomly to participants when the story ends or at various points during the story. You will read a story to your guests. Whenever they hear the word “left”, the person holding the gift will pass it to the left and then when someone hears the word “write” or “right”, they pass it to the right. Where the packages are when the predetermined point in the story is reached that is who keeps them.

    Shared by: Mary Hulett:

    I am not a big follower of games at parties but I do have the game of asking me questions about me, my business, how much I work, what do I make, that sort of thing. They are instructed to not ask anything about products as I will be discussing that with them personnally. I give a ticket for each question asked and the one with the most questions wins a prize from my prize basket. This also suggests that I focus on this person as a possible recruit.

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