Learn Ice Breaker Bingo Questions

Ice Breaker Bingo is a fun way to get everyone to mix, mingle and break the ice!

A good meeting ice breaker can sometimes be the difference between an effective meeting and a boring unproductive meeting!

Always include a networking session in your meeting planning and attendance will grow and retention will improve!

Read another article if you are looking for information on a product bingo for parties and blank bingo grids.

Ice Breaker BingoWhen you get your team mingling they will become friends. Friends support friends and keep coming back to meetings to see their friends.

Ice Breaker Bingo Questions

The Ice Breaker Bingo is as simple as a bingo card with a few questions on it.

Anything you can think of goes but putting specifics on the grid that relate to the team members in attendance always makes it fun!

Here are some ideas for Ice Breaker Bingo questions:Icebreaker Bingo

  • has been skydiving
  • watched a movie last week
  • was born in another country
  • is vegan/vegetarian
  • doesn’t own a pair of blue jeans
  • likes to cook
  • has a pet
  • has ever sleep-walked
  • has been on a blind date
  • wore braces
  • has met someone famous
  • likes yogurt
  • likes tofu
  • never received a traffic ticket
  • does not watch Food Network
  • was born in the same month as you
  • is an only child
  • has ever eaten cereal for dinner
  • speaks more than two languages
  • has been bungee jumping
  • has more than 5 siblings
  • drives a red car

The list is unlimited… so make up your own or print the ice breaker bingo card shown on this page and use it at your meetings!

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