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Direct sales party games can be the success or failure of your home party!

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Direct Sales Party Games Must Be FUN!

FUN is the single most important thing for the success of your shows.

One easy way to determine the FUN level of your shows is to see how many shows you schedule at your shows…

No bookings? Playing games?

Better look at the FUN factor!

When people have FUN you will have a full calendar.

Games can be the answer to FUN or they can be considered a drudgery by the guests.

If you are playing show games, and having a hard time scheduling shows, then maybe you have to reconsider the effectiveness of the game.

The game must be worth your time and the guests’ time too! Your show time is valuable!

At your home party your mission is to:

  • Sell product
  • Schedule shows
  • Share the opportunity
  • Provide value to the host
  • Provide value to the participants (FUN)

You only have so much time to accomplish your mission so use it wisely.

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Around The World Direct Sales Party Game

It is a great game to play at the end of the summer as people are returning from vacation.

Tell the host to tell the guests that we are taking a world tour at the show.

A few days before the show when you do your last call to the host ask her/him to call each guest to remind them of the show and also to bring a picture from their favorite trip or vacation.

A printed picture is more fun but I am sure you can come up with a variation using cell phone pictures.

Encourage them to bring pictures from all over the world. Tell her/him that you have some prizes to give out based on the friends’ pictures and vacations.

This compels our host to actually make the last minute reminders and will increase your show attendance.

Creating a Buzz With Sales Game

Have the guests put their pictures on the table or pass them around.

This is fun in itself and will get people mingling and talking as the pictures begin to arrive. During the show ask questions about the pictures.

Did anyone bring a picture from Italy? Allow that guest to share briefly about the trip to Italy.

Mix in throughout your show questions about the world tour through pictures.

Guest can tally their own points to earn your prizes.

  • Did you get the trip for FREE?
  • Was the picture taken in the last 6 months?
  • Are there mountains in the picture?
  • Is there a lake in the picture?
  • Is there an ocean in the picture?
  • Was the picture taken on an island?
  • Did you travel by airplane?
  • Is there a landmark in the picture?
  • Is this a business trip?
  • Did you take your kids?
  • Are there any people in the picture?
  • Is someone waving “hi” in the picture?
  • Is someone in the picture riding a horse, camel, or elephant?
  • Is it in a foreign country?
  • Is anyone kissing or hugging in the picture?
  • Was the picture taken on your honeymoon?
  • Did the person taking the picture accidentally get their finger(s) in front of the lens?

These are just sample questions.

home Party Games

Create questions of your own that lead into some of the information that you want to sprinkle into your shows.

The travel game is a terrific game to talk about the opportunity to create income with your company.

Before you think about which questions you are going to ask, decide what opportunity information you want to share, then as you ask the questions and receive the audience participation, sprinkle your opportunity information throughout the game.
Here are some sprinkles that you may make following certain questions:

  • Is there a landmark in the picture?

When I was in France with XYZ Company, they took all of us to the Eiffel Tower

  • Did you take your kids?

Our company provides two trip choices, one for consultants with kids and another for those who prefer to travel without kids.

  • Did you get the trip for FREE?

Some people get a paid vacation, I get a paid-for vacation each year with XYZ Company.

  • Was the picture taken on your honeymoon?

How would you like to take your husband on another honeymoon paid for with all your own money? The income you create with one show a week with MyFantasticCompany will easily buy a luxury vacation.

Around the World Game Creates Value

Guests may arrive at 6:00 and by 8:00 they are on the way home after experiencing the thrill of a tour of the around the world game and sharing everyone else’s vacation.

This game gives you a vehicle to share your opportunity and gives the guests at the show value for their time.

Your guests WILL NOT allow you to bore them!!

Party games in direct sales are good when they increase the FUN factor, serve a purpose for your mission and provide value to the host.


    Shared by: Jen:

    Oh, I really like the Around the World game – especially since I’m going on my first incentive trip from WineShop At Home to Italy for FREE!!! I have been telling people about it and have generated interest, but showing pictures when I get back will be so much fun, and having others show theirs – FANTASTIC!

    Shared by: Bridget Heckman:

    Games have to serve a purpose and provide value to the customer. You could also use those old picture postcards!

    Shared by: Lisa Owen:

    I don’t typically play games but this is really a great idea!! I really love how easy it is to share the oppotunity while connecting with the group and having fun!! Thanks again!!

    Shared by: Antoinette Mark:

    This is very good information. You definitely want to use your time wisely when you play the games, because you do not want money walking out the door.

    Shared by: Crystal Earley:

    Making sure that whatever you use to create a relaxing, fun atomsphere for the hostess and her guests ensures the shows success for everyone. Sales, bookings and recruiting will follow successfully when the entire event is an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone. Keeping the whole presentation to an allotted time span will keep the energy high and the stress down! That’s why a varied number of fun games and activities in your presentation arsenal is essential to presenting one forward in your show, tailored to your hostess and her guests.

    Shared by: Fran Sparks:

    nice ideas and I appreciate the info…I don’t think I play enough games. One question…you mentioned keep it to 45 min. How do you do the presentation and play games in that time, or are the games extra?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Your demo should not go longer than 45 minutes including the games. So, the games must serve a purpose withing the context of the show, Selling, Booking, Recruiting Fun! all of the above!! lOl

    Shared by: Tami:

    Great list of ideas!

    Shared by: Debbie Melfi:

    Deb you always have valuable info and I share your website with everyone ! Love it !

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    That would be cool, Abbey – I do not mind if you use anything on the site as long as I get credit with a link. I do ask that if it is public page on a website that the article not be copied word-for-word though. From a search engine stand point that is not good! Thanks for asking!

    Shared by: Helene:

    Thanks for your contribution to The Work at Home Family Carnival. Distributprs of party plan companies are always looking for fun games.

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