More Online Party Games

The purpose of a game during an online party is all about engagement.

Whether you are holding your online party in Facebook, a Google+ Hangout or in a webinar service, keeping your guests in the party room and engaging with you is key to sales and bookings.

Read more about Facebook online party games in a previous article.

Two Online Party Games

If a game works in your live party, chances are it will work as one of your online party games as well.

Think about how you can modify and adapt your live show games to use in an online party.

All Parties Have A Door Prize Drawing

As you lead up to your online party, promote the fact that you will have several games, one if which is an on time drawing.
Online Party Games

As your guests arrive in your party environment give them a number. You can tell each guest their arrival number if you want then just do a drawing….

There are many ways to do the actual drawing.

  • is very affordable and gives you a record to publish to prove it was an impartial drawing
  • You can use a chart and ask a child or spouse to pick a number. Tell them to choose a number between one and the number of guests you have.
  • You could use sticky notes with numbers on them in a bowl or basket. You could even upload a picture of the bowl before and as you draw the number.

Be creative and figure out a way to add the ‘on time’ door prize to your event and it will help to get your guests in the room on time!

Count The Special Word Online Party Game

Before your show starts decide on one special word. Either your company name or a key product. (Like candle – if you sell candles, or skin – if you sell skin care products.)

Find or make a graphic or picture of your special word. Upload it with the contest format near the beginning of the show.

Have the guests post a comment each and every time time you use the word during the party. Have them comment under the special word’s original update that you made.

The first person to tell you each time gets a point, and the one who has the most points at the end of the party wins a prize.

Use the door prize game to get your guests to the party on time and use the Special Word Game to keep them there and create engagement!


    Shared by: Jolyn Borden:

    Need Party game ideas. Thanks.

    Shared by: Jolyn Borden:

    Need Ideas. Thank You

    Shared by: Dianne Miller:

    I’ve not done party games at my shows in the past because lots of people don’t like party games but I am excited to try the “I Hate” game. That sounds like it would be a hoot! I sell Norwex cleaning products so I will use a cleaning chore they hate replaced with the word SEX. Should get a lot of laughs!

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