Play “Price Is Right” Fun Party Game!

As a home party plan consultant, you rely on bookings to keep your business going.

To make a good living in this business, these parties should be dynamic and outrageously fun! You want every guest to go home with a smile on her face, a good story to tell, and a bag of products she just purchased from your home party!

More Fun = More Bookings! It is really that simple!

home party plan business gameTo get guests to open their purses and pull out their checkbooks and credit cards, you need to liven things up.

Get the party going!

The best way to liven things up, besides opening the wine, is to play some great FUN home party games.

Games get the guests talking and LAUGHING!

Make Sure Home Party Games Are FUN!

Make sure what ever game you play at your home parties that it is FUN! IF not, then it will do the reverse of what you want…. it will hurt bookings!

There are so many great games to play that you should never run out of ideas.

You can also modify and change games you played in the past to create new ones. As long as the game is relatively simple, makes people laugh, and can be played by a room full of people, it will probably be worth a try.

As a home party plan consultant, you know you have to spend time marketing and promoting your business. However, some of your time should also be spent researching or creating new games. It is one of the most important pieces of your business Search the Internet, talk to other direct sales consultants, or put on your creative thinking cap and make up some games of your own.

Good games equal fun, and fun equals sales!

Play The “Price Is Right” Game

One of the best home party games to play is the Price is Right game, modeled after the popular game show. Besides being fun, this is a fun alternative way to present and describe your products.

home party plan training clubYou’ll need to select several of your products to use for the game.

Choose three participants each time you bid on a item – just like the real Price is Right.

However, when someone wins, they receive a ticket. You can play several rounds, but make certain that every guest gets to bid the same number of times. The person with the most tickets at the end of the game wins a prize, and the guest with the second most tickets, wins a different prize.

With the Price is Right game, you have presented your product line in a enjoyable and interactive way, while also allowing the guests the opportunity to win prizes. These types of games are one of the cornerstones of your home party plan business and will help you boost sales and increase profits while having tons of fun!

“The Price Is Right” game is perfect for consultants who do not like to hand out the catalogs at the beginning of the show!

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