The Purse Game To Play At Shows

I got an email over the weekend asking for a write up on the purse game….

The purse game is a popular home party plan game that is played through out the whole show as a technique to increase engagement.

The Purse Game For Parties

Start out by explaining that throughout the show you will be looking for things in their purses.

Not literally, just by asking who has what in their purse.

As you call out an item, you will sprinkle information that will create desire for future shows or the opportunity to create income.

Create Desire: Parties & Recruiting Opportunity

When you sprinkle enough information you will always create a desire for more of what you have to offer.

This is a fun and different way to share the business or booking opportunity. Of course, you will want to give a couple of prizes out during the show for various achievements.
Purse Game
Here is a list of the things you are looking for in purses and the sprinkle you will make with it.

CELL PHONE: Did you know that when you have a home business, you can deduct your cell phone bill from your income taxes?

LOOSE CHANGE: Round your orders up to the next dollar; the extra change goes to your local food bank.

A CREDIT CARD: When I first started my business I did so to pay off my credit card, now I am paying the mortgage just by doing one show a week!

A STORE COUPON: How many of you drive across town to get double coupons? When you host a show you will get “double” your value off of your order! (or triple or FREE!) The Banana Game Poem

A BUSINESS CARD: This may not be for you and it may be just the thing for a friend, refer a friend and receive a FREE gift.

A MEMBERSHIP CARD to a club or gym: Our past hosts are an exclusive club, they get XZY for a year…….

A STAMP: When you host a show with me, I make it really simple for you, by actually mailing the invitations for you, (or giving them to you preprinted or something to that effect).

A CALENDAR: Today’s host will receive a XYZ at your show and you will earn the host special at all the shows we schedule from yours.

CAR KEYS: With your commission check, you could make a car payment. Or, one of the perks of our company is you get a FREE Mercedes when you reach the XYZ level.

FAMILY PICTURE: When you are your own boss you will be able to work around your family’s schedule.

PAY STUB: For only XYZ investment, you will begin to generate an additional stream of income and you could earn that back in your 1st show.

SUNGLASSES: You can earn fabulous vacations. The more shows you hold the more FREE trips you take!

RUBBER BAND: The flexibility of a direct sales business has been a gift in my life.

PAPER CLIP: Just like an underwire bra, the beauty of network marketing is that you always have support.

There you have it…
The Purse Game.

Now don’t run through all of those sprinkles at once.

The purpose of sprinkles is to sprinkle them throughout the show so that your audience does not feel like they are getting lectured.

It should take the entire show to play the whole game. You can think of some more items and sprinkles if you want or change these to be more appropriate for your business.

When you play this game at every show you are sure to generate desire for having a show and also for the business opportunity.

This is a game with a purpose!

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