Fun Door Prize Games

A fun door prize game can break the ice as soon as your guests arrive!

Direct sales party games should keep the guests entertained, engaged, and interested in the products and can lead to increased revenue for home consultants.

fun door prize gamesUnfortunately, coming up with ideas for games that serve a purpose and are fun can be difficult. Often times the result is a boring game!

If you are a party plan consultant who likes to play games at your shows you can find more direct selling games in other articles on the site in the games category of the blog.

2 Door Prize Games

The Pick-a-Paper Door Prize game is a fun game that can be customized to fit any business. All sales consultants whether you sell candles, makeup, and home products are sure to find a way to use this game for all of your businesses!

In this game the basic concept is that everyone at the home party gets a door prize.

  1. Pick an inexpensive product that can be passed among the guests; for example, makeup consultants could use eyeliner pencils and kitchenware representatives could use unique straws. Use something that you are willing to give away to guests as party favors, and have enough for each guest to take one.
  2. Make several folded notes with “prizes” for each guest. Some ideas are: 10% Off Today’s Order, You Win a Free Product, You Win a Party, Buy One Product Get One Free, Win a _____ with Today’s Order, etc. Tie these notes onto the party favors.
  3. Arrange the completed party favors in a container that can easily be passed among the party guests.

Playing The Pick A Paper Game

Explain to the guests that these are their party favors or door prizes and there are some great prizes to win. You can tell them that each prize must be used, and they must be willing to use the prize that they win if they take a card.

  1. Pass the container around to the guests, and let them either choose a product with a card or pass on the chance to get the free product and win a prize.
  2. Have guests open their cards and explain to them what they’ve each won.
  3. Book any parties that the guests have won, give out free products, etc. and offer second chances to anyone who didn’t take a product.

The Wedding Shower Door Prize Game

Direct sellers who offer wedding showers may want to use this game. It is a fun door prize game that is great for breaking the ice.

Simply hand out pieces of paper with the following word scrambles. Of course do not include the answers.

Give them a set time frame to work with and then the first guest to unscramble the words will (or the most) wins a door prize.

widngeo singr – wedding rings
missrope – promises
reda – dear
ringlad – darling
voel – love
Elvo lstreet – love letters
guh – hug
gtegeamnen ginrs – engagement rings
Korenb ratshe – broken hearts
nonomoyeh – honeymoon
teethearsw – sweetheart
skis – kiss
direb – bride
yenho – honey
palsrospo – proposals

door prize games

Advantages Of The Door Prize Game

All games that are played at a  direct sales show should have an advantage for the guests, the host and for you the consultant. In this case the quests get a free gift and hopefully it is FUN!

These door prize games should help you book future parties because any guests who win parties would supposedly have to book one as the result of taking the free product.

The host will benefit from this game because all her guests get a door prize and it could increase sales. Order discounts, “Buy One Get One” offers on products not normally selected and free gifts with purchase can encourage party guests to buy items they hadn’t intended on buying.

When you incorporate games into your show make sure that they provide value for all involved.


    Shared by: Renee Hagan:

    I appreciate the simplicity of this game. It would be simple to put together and easy to execute. Thanks!
    Renee with Hope’s Thirty One

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