Spring Flowers Game For Parties

Well, I do not know about you but I am ready for Spring!

The spring flowers game is simple and fun and soon it will be the perfect time to incorporate it into your show.

Use it as a bookings game by offering a choice of prizes.
Spring flowers game
Give your best bookings talk while they are playing the game.

Explain that the winner has a choice of 2 prizes.

They can choose a lesser valued prize or they can choose to host a party and take the small gift as well as a bonus gift at their live show.

The Spring Flowers Game

Have each guest spell SPRING down the left side of a piece of paper.

Then in a predetermined time after you say GO, they will write as many flower names next to each letter as they can think of that begin with that letter.

Here are some examples!

S – Sunflower, Strawflower, Sweet Pea, Snowball

P – Petunia, Pansy, Peony, Poppy

R – Rose, Rhododendron, Ruby Lily, Rosemary

I – Iris, Impatiens, Iron Weed, Indian Pink

N – Narcissus, Nasturtium, Nightshade

G – Geranium, Gladiolus, Gardenia, Goldenrod

Book Home Shows With Spring Flowers Game

It is not hard to think of flowers that match the letters, but it is hard to think of some unusual ones that no one else thought of!

Give a point for each flower not duplicated by another player!

The inexpensive prizes can be a gift bag of small items or any product of your choice.

While they are thinking and writing you should be talking about the many benefits of hosting a show. When the time comes to award the winner do not put any pressure on her/him.

Just ask…
Would you like the gift bag now or would you prefer to date the show and get this ($40 item) at your show AND the gift bag!?

Never pressure anyone to have a show!

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