The Banana Game Is Party Food!

When you play the banana game you have a built-in party theme.

It is unusual, fun and provides you with a delicious snack as well!

I often used this game as a theme that provided food for the guests at an affordable budget and easy prep for a hesitant hostess.

If you are a home party sales rep who loves games, you may want to read some of the other direct sales party games on the site.

Make sure that your game serves 3 purposes:

  • Fun for the guest
  • Generates value to the consultant in the form of bookings, sales or potential consultants
  • Increases benefits to the hostess in some way.

The most important aspect of this game is that it gives the host a good reason to call her guests a couple of days before the show so it will increase show attendance, hence providing value to both consultant and host.The Banana Game

The value to the guests is FUN – it is a quick game but will get your guests laughing and give you a YUMMY snack after the show!

Plan The Banana Game

The plan is that the guests bring the bananas, the hostess provides whipped cream and ice cream and you bring fudge sauce, sprinkles, nuts and anything else you want to top the sundaes with.

If you plan ahead with the host to use the banana game theme, then tell her not to let the guests know ahead of time… Keep it a surprise.

About three days before the show call the host and tell her/him that she should call each guest and have them bring a banana.

The host should still keep the game a surprise… create some curiosity by not telling the guests about the game.

Just use it as a good reason to give guests a call, remind them of the show and ask them to please bring one banana because we are making banana splits….

“Don’t miss the banana splits!”

This gives the host a good guest count and also introduces a sense of fun and excitement about the show.

Play A Quick Game For Parties

Each guest will keep track of her/his points on the edge of the order form.

Ask the host to read the poem below and then you say the lines that are in (parenthesis-italics) after each paragraph to help to create desire for your services.

This will all make sense when you read the poem below.

This Is The Banana Game Poem:

I am the host tonight so I am the judge.
YOURName is the consultant and she brought the fudge sauce.
We have the toppings too…
To make a delicious dessert just for you

(Can you believe I get paid to do this!)

Now look at your bananas and give yourself a 4 – for having a banana with 10 spots or more.
Now if your banana is a vibrant green

(A new consultant makes about $100 vibrant green cash per show)
The Banana Game Poem
Give yourself a count of 16!
And if yours is the longest one…
Give yourself a 21.

But let’s be kind
To the one most short…
And give her 10 points
For being a good sport

(Our host is so good at this poem – she could take my job!)

A yellow banana’s
the best to eat!
It will give you 10 points,
Which is a treat.

Now if yours is bruised,
Softened or brown,
Deduct 2 points,
What a letdown.

(I still can’t believe that I get paid to do this!)

The one who has the longest stem
Gives you easily another 10
But if your stem is tattered or broken
Take 2 points as a little token.

If it is a high score
You’re looking for
Then schedule a show
And give yourself 20 points more.

(I only have a couple dates left next month)

Now count your points
And add up the score
The one with the most
Is who we’re looking for.

Give the winner her/his prize and say:

(Have you ever thought about doing what I do; I am sure you can come up with a better game than this!)

Fun Has Value

Don’t let the game drag on too long!

If you make it funny and act it out in a silly manner, no one will get antsy. Even when interspersing your opportunity lines make sure you overact to the point of being funny and it will be funny.

Make sure that your show games bring value to your mission and to your guests’ mission. Value the time that they have invested in being there and keep it fun. Value your time and be sure to create desire for your product, opportunity, or hosting opportunity.

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