The Island Game For In Home Parties

Just got an email from a raving fan asking for the write up on the island game for her home party.

I know that direct sales party games are a hot topic so if one fan asked there must be at least a few hundred consultants out there who are also wondering about the tropical island game.

How To Play The Island Game

The Island Game is a fun game to play at a cold weather tropical theme party and is a great way to get everyone to relax!The Tropical Island Game

Give each person a piece of paper.

Tell them to use the catalog as a surface to write on and lay the paper on it lengthwise in their laps.

Tell them to close their eyes and keep them closed for the entire game.

When every one is ready you start the game and they start to draw, keeping their eyes closed.

This is what you say:

  • We’re going on an island vacation so draw an island in the middle of your paper.
  • To the left of your island, draw a ship
  • You are surrounded by water, so put some fish in the sea
  • Put a palm tree on the island
  • It is a nice day, so put some birds in the air
  • Add a sailor on the ship or maybe on the beach
  • I am sure he is  hungry, so draw some coconuts on the palm tree
  • Sailors like to see where they are going, so put some port holes on the ship
  • Sailors like entertainment, so draw a hula dancer on the island
  • It’s a sunny day, so put a sun in the sky

Now you can open your eyes! We are going to see how well you did.

Scoring The Island Game

Each guest can give themselves points if:

  • The island is in the middle = 10 points
  • The ship is to the left of the island, but not touching it = 10 points
  • For each fish you get = 5 points
  • For the base of the palm tree being on the island = 5 points
  • For each bird you drew =  5 points
  • If the sailor is on the ship or the beach and not in the water = 15 points
  • If any coconut is on the tree = 5 points
  • If the porthole is on the ship = 10 points
  • If the hula dancer is on the island = 15 points
  • Now the sun: If it is to the left 20 points – If it is to the right 15 points – If it is in the middle 10 points

Print or Save The Island Game

Highest points wins!

The Island Recruiting

While playing the island game you can always include a recruiting message.

I am sure that your company provides exotic trips to tropical islands so be sure to script some one-liners into the game to create desire for your business opportunity!

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