The Scavenger Hunt Game

The Scavenger Hunt game is really two direct selling party games combined into one!

You can play it with your host then use what you learned from your host to play at the show.

The Host Scavenger Hunt Game

The-Scavenger-Hunt-GameThe Scavenger Hunt Game can be a lot of fun!

It can be an entire theme for your home show that will increase attendance.

Ask your host to go on a scavenger hunt for the following types of guests.  You can include a check list flyer and also a prize would be appropriate.

Someone who….

  • has two or more children
  • loves ice cream
  • goes to work everyday
  • has a birthday in July
  • is single
  • lives in your neighborhood
  • owns a XYZ product of your choice
  • hates to cook
  • has been to London or Washington D.C.
  • has 2 cats
  • hosted a Cooking Show last summer
  • is a grand Mother
  • loves pizza
  • is a teacher
  • is going to college
  • is European
  • would be a great consultant
  • has only one dog
  • lives more than 20 miles away

The list can really go on for ever.

I recommend a list of 30-40 types of people.  The purpose is really to get the host to start thinking outside the box.

A wide variety of people usually means better show attendance because there is less chance that one event will over shadow the party.  Also, a wide variety of guests pretty much guarantees that you will have at least one big spender.

The Scavenger Hunt At The Show

The Scavenger Hunt game is really 2 games. One to get the hostess thinking outside the box and the other to act as a guest icebreaker at the show.

At the show the scavenger hunt becomes an extension of the first game. Take all your different personalities and put them on an index card to hand to guests as they arrive. The guests are then mingling trying to find their match.

Take it a step further and use that to have each guest introduce the person who they found on their index card!


    Shared by: Theresa Bregenzer:

    I like this idea! It will make the hostess think od people she normally wouldn’t. I think I’ll use it!

    Shared by: Staci Johnson:

    I’ve used this many times… and it really works! It makes my hostess think more abut who she knows… it’s been a great success!

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