Product Trivia Game At Home Shows

The goal of home party plan games at your show is to bring value to everyone involved.

There are several things that every party plan consultant should try to accomplish with each home party plan game.
Product Trivia Game

  • Fun for guests
  • Increased benefits for host
  • Increased benefit for the consultant

If a game is not bringing value to everyone involved then don’t play it.

The primary purpose is to make the game enjoyable for everyone and give all of your attendees the feeling that they had a good time.

Product Trivia Game To Increase Sales

A game that gets your attendees to look closely at your product catalog is a good one because it will get them to start thinking about all of the products they want to own.

If your attendees had a good time at the event and they have a list of products they would like to purchase, then they become candidates for hosting future events.

There are a couple of product trivia games you can try that should help increase future bookings and allow your business to grow.

Play Product Trivia At Show

When it comes to developing games for your event, it always helps to have activities that are appealing to large groups of people. Trivia games are always fun and you can also help your event by keeping your trivia questions centered on your products.

direct sales business gameYou need to develop lists of questions that have your products as answers.

For example, if you are a cosmetic consultant a question could be about the hot new color for lip gloss in the new Spring line-up. Then your guests will be paying closer attention to the catalog as they leaf through it. Each correct answer would be worth one point and the person with the most points at the end gets a door prize.

These kinds of guessing games are always fun and they force your attendees to browse through your catalog if they want to win the door prize.

Product Trivia Password

This game can be played at your team meetings or at home parties.

Like home show games a team training game should also provide value for all involved.

Password is an old game show where one person gives clues about an object to a partner and the partner has to guess what that object is.

You can have the attendees break up into teams of two and then give each team six passwords each. The passwords are all products in the catalog. Each correct guess is a point and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins door prizes.

Games can be effective ways to engage people. When they look closer at the catalog and they will see more that they want and then either buy or decide to host your next event.

Use these games to get your customers looking closer at the catalog or to teach product knowledge to your team at meetings.

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