Virtual Party Product Trivia

With the increase in party plan consultants conducting online events there is a need to increase engagement within the virtual party setting.

Facebook party games may be the answer to increasing sales and bookings.

Whether you are presenting a live event in someone’s home or a party online the concept is pretty much the same.

Keep people involved and they will book, buy and join!

Use Virtual Party Game

This is a bit different than the normal at home live product trivia game but the end result is the same…

Engaged guests!
Virtual Party
Choose a product in your collection that is generally a good seller and that has many letters.

It could be something like:

  • Pink Lemonade Scented Candle
  • Large Travel Tote On Wheels
  • Professional Chef Bread Knife

When your virtual party is under way, share one letter at a time until someone guesses the product and provides a link to that item in your shopping store.

There are many variations of ways that you could play this game.

If there are several items in the product line that are similar, you may want to go with a point system.

For example, you may have products such as pink papaya scented candle and pink lemonade as well. In that case you could opt for points for the first that shares a link on either of them.

You can choose to allow any product beginning with the letter, or only a specific product.

The guest who earns the most points wins a prize.

Make a list of 10 or so product questions relating to your company products and their website link.

Virtual Parties VS Live Parties

While virtual parties will not replace live parties when you make a plan and fine tune it as you practice it they will become a productive way to add to what you are already doing.

Just like your live home parties, when you make a plan and think about your virtual party strategically it will pay off.

Pick some of your most popular products for the virtual party game including some ‘booking products’ meaning products that may be hard to sell but create desire for getting them free at parties.

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