The Direct Sales Recruiting University

The Direct Sales Recruiting University is for serious leaders and consultants who want to grow a team!
It is ONLY sold as part of the Complete Program for individuals or to teams of 15 or more!

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The Direct Sales Recruiting University Will...

  • Find the best leads for your business — so you won’t waste time sponsoring people who just aren’t a fit
  • Find and sponsor sharp business partners — people who are fully committed to your long term vision
  • Sign more distributors month after month who actually perform
  • Allow you to make more money with less effort by growing your downline overrides
  • Give you the skills to coach your team to get better results, stay active and not quit
  • Give you inspiration as you see how your business is transforming other people’s lives
  • Dramatically shift your belief about what is possible for you
  • Show you how to be a powerful role model to your team and an inspiration to others

How do We know this is possible?

We get emails every day from graduates of the program sharing how much they learned and how it has changed their businesses and their lives!

I was really impressed with the progression and organization of this direct sales training. Also, with the fact that there were real actions to do and they gave immediate results. It is a pretty impressive program. Looking back, it is a far greater value than the fee. But I am not saying you should raise the price LOL! We will be back again, so please don’t!
Debi Jacques, Juno, AK

I have to say that this was like no other class I have taken. It truly is all encompassing and has given our team a whole new perspective. I cannot say enough about it… bookings, meeting attendance, sales, and of course recruiting are all up.
Melissa Washington, Bristol, UK

Direct Sales Recruiting University Syllabus

  1. Laying the Groundwork: Creating team attitudes that encourage and support field recruiting.
  2. Marketing: Learn what marketing is and how do we incorporate recruiting in our marketing efforts. You will learn how to teach your team to really “market” their business.
  3. Finding Leads/Bookings & Lead Generation – For you and your team.
  4. The Recruiting Learning Curve: Inform, Invite, Interview, Income…. It is a process that must be learned. Learn how to teach so your team becomes a recruiting machine.
  5. Team Training: Meeting makers make more money! On this webinar we will talk about a simple tool to plan and conduct both online and offline team meetings.
  6. Qualify ‘Em and Keep ‘Em! Training systems to improve team retention and how to get your team off to a great start. More about BOOKINGS!
  7. BONUS: Monthly Club Zoom Live Coaching With Deb Bixler

The first time we took the direct sales recruiting university it was like pulling teeth to get my team to attend. Those 15 started having interviews within the first month and the second time around my team was begging for me to get them a ticket.

What I was surprised about was how much better the team’s bookings are now! Thank you so much!

Shonna Kinney, Munising, MI

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