Direct Sales Scripts – Word Choices That Work

The Little Golden Book Of Direct Sales Scripts is a series of proven scripts that work in any direct sales business!

  • Are you always wondering what to say next?
  • Do you have trouble turning a casual conversation into a lead?
  • What do you say when you are making a cold call?

Home Business – Direct Sales Scripts

This is a “talking” electronic PDF e-book. That means that it includes all the scripts that any home business owner may need as well as an audio recording of how to use them.

These Are Some Of The Scripts Included:

  • Recruiting one-liners and interviews
  • Scripts to answer online business inquiries
  • New consultant scripts when approaching family and friends
  • The Elevator Speech
  • The best customer service call script on earth
  • Hostess coaching
  • Voice mail messages and cold calling scripts
  • Scripts to open and close the show

Direct sales consultants who use scripts are guaranteed success!

Like an actor, scripting your part makes you better at what you do! It is not restricting but quite the oppositeā€¦.

A script is liberating and frees you up to engage with the customer to develop relationships.

Little Golden Book Of Scripts: PDF

  • How To Use Scripts Audio Recording
  • Templates To Write Your Own
  • Save The PDF To Your Computer!
  • It Is Yours Forever!
  • Send PDF To Entire Team!
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