Cynthia Fontan Shares The Gift

Direct sales is a gift that was given to all of us and you should not hesitate to share it with others!

Our special guest blogger, lia sophia leader, Cynthia Fontan is a Direct Sales Recruiting University graduate who took ACTION on what she learned.

Cynthia Fontan On Gift Packets

Direct sales is a gift that was given to all of us and you should not hesitate to share it with others!
Cynthia Fontan guest blogger
If you feel like sharing your business opportunity is being pushy you are not alone!

I did….

I thought people would think I was being pushy.

The truth is I did not know how to share or when and lacked confidence. To change this, I focused on the basics and got my show schedule in full swing.

With a full calendar came a steady stream of extra income and my confidence level grew. It became clear to me that what I have to share is not just a business opportunity but also a gift that could help to change lives.

Recruiting Is A Gift

In a quest to learn more about recruiting (sharing my gift) I signed up for the Direct Sales Recruiting University.
Learn More About The Direct Sales Recruiting University!
With the very first class, I was able to put some tips into practice instantly.

Today, instead of waiting until the end of the show to mention my business, I confidently share it at the start of each show.

Become Friends And It Is NOT Pushy!

Now I can share some tips with you! First, you must establish a friendship with your host from the moment you meet her because she is going to be your biggest supporter.
direct sales recruiting gift bag
Start the show by asking your host to:

  1. Formally introduce you to her friends (you of course have said hello as they arrived)
  2. Tell her friends how you met
  3. Share why she booked with you
  4. Show at least one of her favorite products

Then, ask each guest:

  1. To introduce themselves
  2. Say something nice about the host
  3. To imagine having an extra $600 a month
  4. To tell you what they would do with it

With excitement, thank your host; share how you got started, why you love what you do, and how the extra income helps your family each month. Sharing your story helps to build rapport, trust, and friendships.

Recruiting Packets ARE A Gift!

This was something that we were taught in the Direct Sales University and I jumped on it!!

Recruiting gift bags are unique and different for every consultant.

There are no right or wrong gift bags.

You can see that mine are just a different take on direct selling recruiting gift bags Deb makes.

Next, present your host with gifts. A product that you purchased at a discount from the current line always works best. She will be excited to open it. Then share your business gift with everyone.

Thank guests for attending and tell them you have a gift for them too! Give out what I call “Gift Bags”. Once everyone has their bag, ask them to open it to see what they got and be sure to explain each piece.

Each bag should include:

  • A marketing brochure (should be simple to read)
  • Details of the host benefits
  • An inexpensive gift
  • A coupon to use on a future purchase
  • Your business card

Refer to the gift bag throughout your presentation and encourage guests to ask you questions about your business. At checkout, mention the bag again.
cynthia fontan, lia sophia
One to two days after the show, call guests to thank them, go over their order and ask if they have any questions about the gift you shared.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:


    Shared by: kathy hill:

    I like the idea presented here..simple, giving and with some long term benefits.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Wasn’t she awesome!! Cynthia will be taking over the CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Radio when I retire! Replays 14 times so check the schedule!

    Shared by: Antoinette Mark:

    I missed the first part of the show, but will re-listen to the replay. I did however receive tons of useful tips in the 2nd half. I look at Cynthia’s approach at a party as a soft approach when it comes to peaking the guest interest. I love this strategy! Thanks for Sharing!

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