What Is A Direct Sales Red Flag?

A Direct sales red flag is something that someone says that gives you a clue that they are interested in something you have to offer.

Many direct selling companies call them red flags, some call them green flags but I prefer the term window of opportunity.

What Is A Direct Sales Red Flag?

At your home party, during an online event, out and about or on your social media pages when you sprinkle enough information into the conversation about the benefits of booking a show or the benefits of joining your company you will start to hear or see red flags.

A red flag is a moment in time when you have a window or permission to offer something to the person who made the statement.
direct sales red flags

It is a clue that they have an interest in what you are offering….

(This is covered in great detail in the Direct Sales Recruiting University.)

Examples of direct sales red flags that indicate an interest in your business opportunity include:

  • How heavy are those crates?
  • How much money do you really make?
  • How far do you travel to do a show?
  • What does your husband say about going out at night?

These and many more are red flags or clues that this person has an interest in your business opportunity.  They have just indicated an interest and have given you a window in time to invite them to join your company.

Address their question and invite them to join:

“Actually, mine are a bit heavy but every consultant can take as much or as little as they want to a party. I have an 85-year-old woman on my team who only takes two small bags…. Have you ever thought about doing what I do?”

Remember that they do not really care if the crates are heavy for  you, or if YOUR husband would mind you being out, or how far YOU travel…

They are wondering about how it would be for them, so answer the question with that in mind!

Direct Sales Red Flags For Bookings

The same holds true for the opportunity to schedule a show:

  • How many people do I have to invite?
  • My husband would kill me if I spent any more!
  • My house is too small to host a show!

These statements indicate they have an interest in booking a show but may not want to admit it.

“I have never seen a house too small to host a show…

It is such a blast when a bunch of stay-at-home moms all jammed into a room are laughing and carrying on without the kids… Some people go together on a show, one brings the food and the other supplies the house. Were you thinking you might like to have a party?”

The first step is to create desire for a party or your business opportunity and the next step is to recognize the opportunity and take advantage of it!

Answer the lead’s question and end it in an invitation!

When you get really good at recognizing your window of opportunity, you will date more parties and sign more recruits because this is the moment in time when you have permission to market!

Please share a direct sales red flag that you have heard in the comment section below!


    Shared by: Abby Higgs:

    Great post. Of all your blogs I think this has probably been my favourite. Never thought of a compliment being a red flag.

    Shared by: Laura:

    Great tips Deb. Thank you for your training with Phyllis O’Neils 31 team. Looking forward to recruiting this week.

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