How To Find Amazing Recruits

I often get asked during mentoring and coaching sessions: “How do you find amazing recruits who actually work their business, stick around and then move up the ladder”?

Tough question!

This is part of the curriculum for the Direct Sales Recruiting University.

Find Amazing Recruits

The first thing necessary for a direct sales leader to find amazing recruits who actually stick around the business long enough to make money is to have an understanding of what an ideal consultant would look like!
Find Amazing Recruits

Often people who we would never ask are the exact ones we should be asking!

Make a list of the skills and personality traits that all of your good sales consultants have.

After you have a handle on that, make a plan to seek them out!

Where does the ideal candidate hang out?

Most of us have a tendency to seek out potentials who are in our same circles. 

  • Teach your team and yourself how to overcome the Gomer Pyle Syndrome by looking UP the social or economic ladder!

Look outside of your income or social circles to find amazing recruits!

Amazing Consultants Expect The Real Facts

You may be surprised to learn that you may be creating your own retention problems.

Everything good involves effort and sales is no different.

Retention can be improved by a few simple word choices before and during the interview process.  It is important that as a leader you do not minimize the effort involved in starting a business!

Find Amazing Recruits

The easy part is signing on the dotted line!

Don’t get me wrong – you do not have to make it sound hard but it is a disservice to the newbie to imply that it is easy!

Answer the interested party’s questions honestly and tell it like it is!

Yes, all successful consultants do go to to meetings! We meet the 3rd Tuesday monthly, is there anything that would prevent you from going?

Most likely, yes – if you never worked in party plan before you will have to study! We have great resources available, what kind of learning works best for you?

You can ask friends and family to get you started and I will teach you how to tap into new markets because long term you can not make an income ONLY by depending on your acquaintances. We have a vendor event next week, I would love it if you came along so I can teach you how to network with strangers!

Yes – You will have to recruit! It is our gift to you and your gift to others! Recruiting is required – management is a choice! I will take care of your team until you are ready! Who do you know that may benefit from this as well?

Often your new reps think it will be easy and did not expect that they would have to work much based on the things we said before or during the interview.

Think about your word choices and how they may be setting a low expectation – causing people to become discouraged when actual time and effort are involved! Read another article on One-On-One Coaching for more examples of using word choices that set the bar before they sign up.

Establish An Amazing Recruiting Culture

After seeking out and finding amazing recruits the rest is in the training!

It goes without saying that you must get each team member off to a great start.

The number one reason that consultants do not stick around is because they do not have enough business –  in other words, they are not making money!

You must have a training program in place that gets newbies off to a great start so that they fill their calendars QUICKLY!

The Direct Sales Recruiting University teaches you how to recruit and also teaches you how to teach recruiting.   It is founded in the concept that recruiting is something to teach from from the beginning, right alongside bookings and sales skills!

Creating desire for bookings or a product is the same technique used to create desire for your business opportunity, so include it in your conversations from day one!

Sprinkle To Create Amazing Leaders

A recruiting culture is contagious.

Systems that develop leaders starts with the leaders’ attitude toward recruiting.  The benefits of leadership are unlimited!

You will not develop leaders by harassing your team.

  • Create desire for upper levels by sprinkling the benefits of leadership into conversations.

Once you find amazing recruits, train them well, and sprinkle the benefits of leadership into conversations as soon as they join, you will begin to create amazing leaders as well.

Learning how to motivate your team after they sign up is key to retention, so read the related article below as well!

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