Offer Cookies To Your FRANK List
By Jodi Keller

The direct sales business opportunity is a gift that keeps on giving that you should offer to everyone over the holidays just like you would offer a warm plate of cookies.

Jodi Keller of L’Bri shares her holiday recruiting tip!

Rework The Frank List For The Holidays

You will be seeing a LOT of people over the holidays and it is a great time to run through your FRANK list. (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kid’s Connections)
There will be many people whom you have not seen in a long time and others with whom you have never shared your business so make a plan and possibly even script out what you might say to those on the list.

Who have you not shared your business with?

Make a list of the benefits you have received from your business and reach out to them over the holidays!

When at the holiday parties, listen to what people say because they will give you a clue as to what your business could do for them.

When you hear an area you can serve, invite them to meet with you later to learn more about the business opportunity.

Jodi Keller
Be the warm friendly nice person when out and about! Don’t go for no…

Go for yes and you will start to see yeses all over the place!! Go For YES!

Share your business everywhere with everyone (don’t leave anyone out) just as if it was a warm plate of cookies!!

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