Get Recruit Leads = Create Desire

The best way to get recruit leads both online and off is to sprinkle the many benefits of your business opportunity into all your affairs then wait for that moment in time when you receive permission to offer the opportunity.

Your business opportunity is your greatest product offering, so like your catalog items, when you sprinkle the benefits of the product – how it changes lives – then people will want it.

Creating desire for an item will elicit a statement or question that gives you permission to talk about the opportunity,

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If you are not getting recruit leads at your home party, out and about and even online, then chances are you are not sharing enough information about the benefits of joining your company.

When you share the top 20 reasons why your business is the best thing since sliced bread you WILL get recruit leads.

It is really that simple…

It is not about sharing the value then saying YOU should join….

Permission or attraction marketing is all about sprinkling in a conversational manner how your opportunity changes lives then waiting for them to indicate an interest.

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Get Recruit Leads At Party

Can’t think of 20 reasons why someone should join your organization?

Well then, that is probably why you are not recruiting!

You definitely should be able to think of a minimum of 20 and I am certain you can come up with more!

Benefits Of Joining A Direct Sales Company

When you take the benefits and turn them into a 10-second ‘story’ to sprinkle during your presentation and online you will begin to hear people ask questions that give you permission to offer them your opportunity!

Here are some benefits that consultants have shared with me. Please add yours to the comment section below this article.

  1. Awesome Company Support: Talk to real people of importance in the company.
  2. Free Trips: All-expense-paid trip to Disney.
  3. More Family Time: My husband does not have to work two jobs.
  4. Group Interaction: The groups we have are great for sharing things about our product, different ideas and to see great minds in motion.
  5. Possibilities: They are endless!!!
  6. Fun & Healthy: What could be better than to be able to provide healthy choices to people and have tons of fun while doing it!!
  7. FREEDOM: Freedom to write my own schedule.
  8. Products: Love the products and LOVE getting them FREE!
  9. Flexibility: I can change my schedule whenever I want.
  10. Social Outlet: I love being out and talking to people and this allows me that chance.
  11. Friends: This Company has allowed me to make numerous friends from all over.
  12. Contests: I have a bit of a competitive edge and having incentives keeps that edge alive.
  13. Time With Family: My husband is a 30+ year coal miner and they have set vacation days; this gives me the opportunity to take that time with him.
  14. Time Away From The Kids: As a WAHM I sometimes need time for myself and this is great.
  15. Less Stress: Get to sleep as late as I want every day!
  16. Mobile Access – Work Anywhere: I love that even when I am away on vacation, visiting family, thanks to the internet I am always available to help my team and customers.
  17. Advancement Opportunity: The chance for advancement and growth is in your hands; your hard work and efforts do pay off.
  18. Ground Floor: To be able to watch and grow with a ground floor business, to be able to watch the changes and adjustments, to look back and say remember when?…AWESOME!!!
  19. Team Effort: The ability to look to another Team member for help and support.
  20. Solid Company: I am comfortable that they will be here in another 10 years and my time is invested wisely.
  21. Excitement: Waiting for the next item, next special, next BIG MOVE, to build excitement from wanting to see what is next.
  22. Dreams: To know and see that dreams actually do come true.
  23. Be Your Own Boss: When you work for someone else they tell you when, what, where and why to do something. Being your own boss lets you determine those.
  24. Business is Everywhere: We work our business right alongside of our everyday activities.
  25. Tax Breaks: Pay less taxes and save that money for kids’ college.
  26. Low Start Up: You can take control of your life for less than $125.
  27. Unparalleled Customer Service: I am proud to be a part of a company that puts the customer first.
  28. Management Level Training: Not only from the company but as a certified trainer I provide my team with personal attention!

So, you see, there are certainly more than 20 and I am sure you can add to the list!

After you have your list, create your short ‘stories’ and start adding them to your presentation in a conversational manner.

It will be only a matter of time before you will start to get the questions that indicate interest and give you permission to market the opportunity on a 1:1 basis.

Add a reason that someone should join YOUR company below in the comment section!


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    Thinking and mentioning twenty reasons you love your business is a excellent recruiting method during your party, when you don’t think you have 20 you do!

    Shared by: Jess Maxwell:

    Great reinforcement!
    I particularly loved number 26. You forget for $xxx the rewards you receive!
    L’BRI has definitely been a dream vehicle for me!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Yes, Jess – the list is unlimited – it could go on for ever!!!

    Shared by: Lindsey:

    I needed some “ME” time away from being mom. I get to play with make up instead of it just being a chore now.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks for sharing, everyone!!
      All great reasons why!!

    Shared by: Lucia Sarfoss:

    My company has an amazing product line that has given me my life back, both mentaly and financially.

    The support is out of this world, even across our team lines.

    I never could have imagined the results! So, glad I took the step!

    Shared by: Holly O'Keefe:

    Making women cry …. with joy! I can’t begin to tell you how many women have told me that they’ve tried everything and NOTHING works. You can FEEL their frustration and discouragement! Then, just 45 Minutes later, they’re looking down at their tummy in utter amazement. I LOVE that!

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