Interviewing? Take A Help Wanted Sign!

This is such an awesome idea that I wish I thought of it myself but I did not!

I saw this on Facebook but cannot remember who to give the credit to!

Take A “Help Wanted” Sign!

Create a help wanted sign for your business opportunity and take it with you next time you go on a live interview in a public place.

There are so many people looking for work these days that you may attract other potential consultants.
help wanted

Create a simple sign and print it out on your computer.

Stand it in the middle of your table at the restaurant or wherever you are meeting. Not only will you attract others but it will also make it easier for your appointment to find you.

Bring extra opportunity information along and be ready to do some on the spot recruiting or set up an appointment!

You could even just stick it on the back of your table at a party as a subtle reminder to the guests.

LOVE it!


    Shared by: Irma Allen:

    Park Lane has had these all along. I post them at my shows and at all my events. Don’t know why I haven’t posted them during my private interviews.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool – Great idea for the company to provide a professional looking sign.

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