How Much Money Do You Make?

  • How much money do you make?
  • How much will I make if I join your direct sales company?
  • Do you really make money in your business?
  • Do you make money?

These types of questions often make a direct seller uncomfortable.

How Much Money Do You Make?

When someone says to you “how much money do you make?” what they really mean is how much money will I make if I join?
How Much Money Do you make
So, make a plan to give them the answer that they are looking for.

Often the consultant starts to spout off numbers, figures or top achievers’ commissions.
Income claims are a touchy subject!

  • They must represent the average
  • They must be true

There is a lot more legal mumbo-jumbo involved but for the sake of our answer to the question “how much do you make?” or “how much can I make with your company?” that is all we need to focus on.

Keep it simple, have an honest, realistic answer and be prepared with more information such as the opportunity gift bag.

You do not need to share with a potential consultant all the various levels of earning unless they ask.

Your opportunity literature has the tiered commission structures and those fliers should be included in the information you give them.

The Answer To The “Do You Make Money?” Question

Direct Sales RecruitingThe answer is short, simple and honest!

Take a few minutes to jot down the questions that you have been asked about income and script out a few honest answers that would apply to your company.

  • Do You REALLY Make Money?

Actually, yes I do! I do this full time but the average part time consultant who performs 2 shows a week could expect to earn about $900- $1200 per month.

  • How Much Money Can I make?

A new consultant can expect to earn about $150 per show.

  • How Much Money Do You Make?

My commissions vary depending on the number of shows I do and the guests attendance. An average consultant who does 8 – 10 shows per month would expect to make about $1,100 – 1,900 per month.

See how simple those answers are?

Focus less on how much money you make and more on what they could expect to make!

Create simple answers that are honest, accurate and average for your company and memorize them.

Stop stumbling on your words when someone asks “do you REALLY make money in direct sales?

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