It Is NOT About YOU!

When it comes to sharing your business opportunity it is not about you!

It took me a while to learn this myself and many consultants experience the same revelations!

Sheri Istre – Richards our radio show guest last week shared how she overcame the problem of focusing on what she wanted rather than what the potential consultant wanted.

Enjoy the first set here and visit the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio page to listen to the full broadcast through 3/24/15.

It Is NOT About YOU!

Sharing the gift of direct sales is not about you!It Is Not About You

It is about the client!

The consultant knows everything there is to know about the business and tends to share too much.

When you share too much you will overwhelm your potential consultants.

One of the easiest ways to allow the concept to hit home is to watch a video of your presentation!

How many times do you say, I, me, mine?

People do not care about you! It is not about you, it is about them!

  • When you join the company what would you like out of it?
  • What can my company do for you?
  • What interests you in MyFantasticCompany?

Practice your presentation without saying I…

It Is About Them!

Potential distributors do not really care how much money you make or how many trips you have earned. They just want to know what they can expect!

Replace I, me, my, mine with you, your, a consultant, new distributors, etc.

  • When you join…
  • New consultants can expect…
  • Your take home is…
  • You will be earning…
  • Distributors earn…

Once you realize it is not about YOU you will start to bring on more consultants.


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Of course you want to tell your story at a party. That is just putting out information that will appeal to one type of person. That one type being those exactly like you.

    So, other than that you will also sprinkle info on all the other different personality types at your show too so that you can create desire with them too.

    From there it is all about as quoted above:
    When you join…
    New consultants can expect…

    Shared by: Anne:

    Great tips! Especially since everyone has different goals. What matters to me may not be the motivator for her.
    So now I’m wondering how to balance making it about them with “telling my story” at a party?

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