Accept No For An Answer!

Often in direct sales consultants are told that no means no… not now!  That is not always the case!

Accept No For An Answer! Recognize No But….

It is important that direct sellers understand the difference between a real solid NO and a no but….

Accept No For An Answer

no butNever spam your business opportunity.  Recently a direct seller contacted me about joining her business opportunity.

My reply was the same as always:

“No thank you, I am an educator and am not interested in any opportunities because it is a conflict of interest.”

A short time later I received an opportunity packet from the same distributor with a hand-written note just in case I would like to reconsider!

The sender had good intentions and yet I really considered it junk mail. Online we call this spam; offline we call it junk mail. Like all junk mail it went straight into the trash.

I was very clear in our previous conversation that I was not interested. It was a firm: “Thank you for asking but no thank you!”

No But Statements

Learn the difference between no thank you and no but and you will save yourself time, money and frustration!

No but statements don’t always use the word but. They may be something like these:

  • No I am too busy.
  • No, my husband would never let me.
  • No, I can’t afford the kit.

The above statements indicate that no I am not interested but if I was not so busy then maybe I would be.

Or no, but if I could figure out how to get my husband on board then maybe I could give it a try.

Or, it is something that I have considered but the money is not there.

No but statements indicate that there is an interest and a problem to be solved.

Accept NO! Recognize No But

When you hear a no but statement then you have the opportunity to continue or at least follow up again.

A follow up statement using the feel felt found method is always a good way to proceed but any follow up statement that ends with a question will give you more information and the ability to determine if this is a solid NO or not!

  • Yes, I felt the same way myself; what I found was that I could generate a bit of cash right along with the activities that keep me busy. What kinds of things take up most of your time?
  • Oh, you know what, my husband was not into it either when I first started! It sounds like you may have an interest; what do you think your husband would object to?
  • Wow! MyFantasticCompany may be able to assist you with some of your financial issues. If we could solve that problem and overcome the kit cost issue, would you consider giving it a try?

Accept NO!

Recognize No but… and you will be more efficient and make better use of your time.

Don’t waste time or money by spamming your business opportunity to someone who gave a clear NO thank you!

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