Numbers Recruitment = 40 Year

Last week on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio we discussed recruiting.

Deb shared how to teach recruiting to your team from day one and 2 guests shared their recruiting expertise.

When you know the numbers, recruitment does not seem that difficult!

In the set below, Kim Thompson-Pinder talks about recruiting by the numbers.

Listen to Kim’s set here and visit the host page to enjoy the full show through 3/24/15.

It is all about the numbers!

Numbers Recruitment = 40 Per Year

When you look at the numbers recruiting is simple math!
Numbers Recruitment
When you talk to 4 people a day 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year you will average 40 new distributors a year.

  • Make four potential recruit contacts a day.
  • 5 days per week (take 2 days off)
  • 50 weeks per year (take 2 weeks vacation)
  • Averages say that 1:25 will say yes
  • Simple math says that your recruitment numbers will be 40 a year!

Kim shared several ways that you can share your business opportunity with little time invested.

it is simple to reach out to 4 new people a day during your everyday activities.

When you make one Facebook connection, one coffee shop lead, talk to someone at the drive-through, mention your income opportunity to the grocery store cashier or a Mom when dropping your kids off…..

Understanding recruiting by the numbers breaks team-building into small increments that are achievable and will make a big impact on your business long term!

How would YOU like to recruit 40 a year – then teach your team how to do the same!?

It is recruiting by the numbers!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hey thanks for the testimonial to the ‘by the numbers’ formula, Brian!

    Sometimes breaking it down to simple numbers makes it easier to grasp!

    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    Very interesting, I’m a numbers person too! Tell me the numbers, and the results, and I can increase my input (investment of time and money) to know and achievers the expected results.

    After reading the above, and listening to the recording, I asked our Team Leaders and based on the quick results, and estimated activities, on avg we are contacting about 14/Wk and on avg Sponsoring about 51 Consultants/Yr.

    That’s per Active Recruiting Leader on our Team. To get a little better average, I then excluded that highest and lowest, and the avg contacts per week remained about 14 per week, but with an avg. of about 36 Consultants per Year.

    So, while we may have a little better than avg. When asking our most productive people I would say Kim’s Formula is pretty darn accurate! 😉

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