How To Plan Opportunity Events

Sometimes sharing your opportunity in a group event or meeting can be more effective than one-on-one recruiting.

The excitement that opportunity events can be generated in a large group sharing environment will “close the deal” for many on the fence when they see others taking the big step to sign up.

Successful Direct Sales Opportunity Night

Opportunity Event, direct salesA successful direct sales opportunity night has many team leaders and field consultants involved.

You must promote it to your team so that they see the advantages of getting their potential new consultants to the event.

After creating one successful opportunity event, it will easy to have a regular schedule of events that create excitement for your business opportunity and give the entire team, including the newest consultants, an easy way to share the opportunity.

The Overview of Business Opportunity Events

A 2-hour business opportunity event would go something like this overview:

  • Check In and Networking (snacks?) (30 Minutes): Make sure that your greeters are “people” people! Set up your direct sales kit for all to view on arrival.
  • Welcome and Introductions (10 Minutes): This would be a general welcome, usually conducted by the top team hosting leader. Include general engagement questions similar to those you may use at a show like: “Who has been to a MyFavoriteCompany show?” as well as an overview of the fun evening planned.
  • Fun Facts About Your Company (3 Minutes): This may include quick tips or just fun pieces of information about your company. Nothing major here.
  • Super Starter’s Testimonial (5 Minutes): This should be a consultant who is still in their first year with the company. Pick someone who is excited about her or his business and who has continued to get plenty of bookings. Help the consultant organize their thoughts for this testimonial.
  • The Advantages Of Your Company (10 minutes): This should be a bit of history, the company mission, benefits of your company over others. Keep it fun, brief and to the point. Remember that if you bore your audience they will NOT join your company.
  • Brief Product Demo (20 Minutes): Select a consultant who gives an enthusiastic demo and is capable of keeping it short.
  • Upper Level Leader’s Testimonial (5 Minutes): Select an upper level leader who runs a balanced business. This leader should share how your company has changed her or his life.
  • Benefits Of Joining Your Company and Direct Sales (15 Minutes): In an ideal world an outside (3rd party) testimonial is great here. This short talk should give the answers to the common questions that potential consultants have: how much money, where to find business, what support is available, how to get started. This is a good point to share about the income tax savings working from home. End it with an invitation to sign up.
  • Break To Sign Up (15 Minutes) Consultants get back with the field rep who invited them and get personal questions answered and hopefully sign up. Offer a special welcome gift to those who sign up that night.
  • Wrap Up (10 Minutes) Prize drawings for all guests who came. Usually a prize of 1-2 FREE kits would also be drawn from those who did sign up during the break.

Planning Your Opportunity Event

A 3rd party testimonial is often extremely powerful. When an industry professional, like Deb, is at your meeting it offers legitimacy to the industry as well as for your company and is always well received!

Invite Deb To Your Opportunity EventWhen planning an opportunity event, the more leaders and consultants who bring guests to the event, the more successful it will be.

It is important to get the field on board to support the event. When you get your entire region inviting people to your opportunity event the momentum will carry the day making it a huge success.

This is part of the Direct Sales Recruiting University – It is like college for direct sellers!

Other Things To Consider For Creating An Exciting Event:

  • Invitations and getting the word out
  • Staffing the registration tables with “people” persons
  • Room set up
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Selecting the appropriate speaker for each segment
  • Music during arrival, departure and breaks
  • Decorations, banners, etc.
  • New consultant applications and/or internet connections

A leader who schedules regular opportunity events will have proactive group of field consultants who recruit often and become a caring and sharing team!


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