Reasons To Join Direct Sales Now
By Robin Corbin

There are many reasons to join direct sales over the holidays! Your mindset is key to recruiting any time of the year and you have an amazing gift to offer!

Robin Corbin, of Arbonne, shares her holiday recruiting tips.

When you understand the reasons a prospective team member should join direct sales now rather than after the holidays you will find people that will do exactly that.

Reasons To Join Direct Sales

You can help people earn money, get out of debt, pay for college, replace an income, have more time, be their own boss and more. Make sure that you have the “gift to offer” mindset.
reasons to join direct sales
Keep your antenna up for those you can help. Over the holidays people are talking about needing more money and more time or how they are miserable at their job, etc.

YOU can help!

Listen and when people tell you about their dreams, desires and dissatisfaction you can be the answer to their prayers!

There are probably many more reasons to join direct sales over the holidays but these seven were shared by Robin on the radio:

  1. Get Your Piece Of The Pie: According to the National Retail Federation, 30% of retail’s annual sales are done in November and December as everyone is looking for ways to spend money. You can show prospective team members how they can launch a business and get a piece of the action!
  2. Travel Buddy: If your company launches a trip incentive at the end of the year – call friends you’d love to vacation with and ask if they’d be interested in going on a FREE VACATION to XYZ Wonderful Resort with you!!! When they say yes, let them know about your company trip and ask them to take a peek at how to earn it!
  3. Tax Write Offs: As long as you’re sharing your products and/or business with people over the holidays, your travel expenses, gifts and promotional items become direct selling tax deductions!
  4. Need Feedback: You’ll probably be seeing friends and family over the holidays so you can tell them you need to practice your new business. Once they hear about your business opportunity or come to one of your practice shows they will be intrigued.
  5. Volunteer: The holidays are a great time to volunteer – pick a local charity event that you want to support and jump in and make friends. You never know, your next ace could be stocking the food pantry shelves next to you!
  6. New Years Resolutions: As the new year approaches people are looking for ways to make the next year their best year. We offer additional income to help with financial goals, time freedom to help with personal goals, and many companies have products to help people get healthy, look their best, etc.
  7. Now’s The Time: Like you, your prospect will be seeing more people during the holidays. There is no better time than the most social time of year to launch your new business!
Robin Corbin
Be your happy self in the world! When you love what you do, believe in the gift you have to offer, and have fun, people will want what you have and will come to you!
Robin Corbin, Arbonne

Share the many reasons to join direct sales NOW rather than later and your team will grow this holiday!

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