Recruiting Practices Gone Wrong

It seems as though recruiting practices have taken a turn for the worse!

A targeted program of cross-company direct sales recruiting is totally unethical!

Yes, it is OK to sign a dissatisfied distributor or friend who is with another company and asks about your business opportunity.

NO it is not all right to seek out distributors in other companies and attempt to bring them and their team over to your company!

With the merging of technology, social media and direct sales recruiting practices have hit an all time low.

Poor Recruiting Practices

It seems as though telemarketing, network marketing and direct sales have merged to create an environment of recruiting practices gone awry!
Robo-calling, telemarketing and direct sales have all come together to cross-recruit into other companies and put another black mark on the industry!

At least once a day I get a call from someone asking if I am happy with MyFantasticCompany and interested in a change….

First of all, I am not with any direct sales company – my field is education for direct sales companies, and secondly a campaign of rep-robbing is unethical so I certainly would not join your team!

At least once a day I get a call from a machine saying I filled out an online form looking for a work at home business opportunity and if I am still interested to….

First of all I did not fill out a form and second if I really did fill out your form then I would much rather talk to a real person!

Don’t Spam Your Opportunity!

The process of scouring the internet for telephone numbers of people who are somehow related to the network marketing industry, then calling them, is SPAM!

Spam is any unwanted electronic solicitation online or off- so please stop calling me and all the other distributors you find on the web!

The way to recruit other successful distributors into your company is to be their friend, support them and collaborate with them as like-minded professionals and then if and when they are ready for a change they may reach out to you!

Using ONLY the most ethical business practices!

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