Common Recruitment Questions

Even the newest of direct sales consultants can answer the most often asked recruitment questions!

A potential distributor or recruit lead has at the most only 5 possible questions or categories of questions that they may ask.

The Only 5 Recruitment Questions

These are the only recruitment questions that you need to know the answer to:

  1. What are the advantages of joining?
  2. How do I make money?
  3. How do I find business?
  4. How do I get started?
  5. What kind of support will i receive?

If you are new to the company do not be overwhelmed by the recruiting aspect of the industry. It is all part of the job, so just look up the answers to the above questions just like you would to develop your product knowledge and you will be good to go!

As we say in the CFS 4 question interview, when you sit down or have a phone conversation with your lead start and end with:

“Do you have any questions or are you ready to get started?”

Then just talk about what they are interested in and say it again:

“Did I answer your questions about that? Do you want any more information or are you ready to get started?”

Only address the recruitment questions that they have a specific interest in!!

recruitment questions

Avoid TMI

Too much information about topics that your lead is not  interested in will talk them out of it!

Had my upline leader focused on free trips, jewelry and silly ribbons during our interview conversation most likely I would not have joined because my only interest was in replacing the salary that I was making in my career. The only question I had was #2.

Don’t answer recruitment questions that are not asked!!!

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