Rocket Recruiting: Recruit by Leading With Tax Savings

Eric Tippitts, creator of Rocket Recruiting, shares his insight into how to recruit by leading with the tax savings on this episode of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio.

The home office deduction is one of the greatest benefits of working from home.

Direct sales consultants are generating two incomes with one effort!

What more could you ask for!

Starting a business sounds hard!! But saving tax dollars sounds fun!!

This technique is so simple, yet it will have people signing up for your business opportunity right now!

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Rocket Recruiting

Sharing The Tax Savings – By Eric Tippets

Eric shared on the show about a conversation he had on an airplane flight:

I was recently flying home from Dallas, Texas to Orange County, California.

I had a very nice young lady sit next to me and within about 15 minutes we started making small talk.

I asked her where she was flying to and she laughed and said: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  After we got done laughing that she is going the wrong way, she said she had saved a few hundred dollars on her and her husband’s flight tickets for booking it this way.

I asked what she is doing in Fort Lauderdale and she started to smile and tell me about this amazing cruise.  Her family is getting together and spending seven days aboard. She told me how excited she was for much-needed time with her family.

I said to her “good for you, what a great write-off!” She looked at me puzzled and said “write off for what?”

“Your home business,” I stated.

She then told me she does not have a home business and she was a school teacher and her husband is a civil engineer.

I said to her “wow, you guys must be getting killed in taxes!”

She laughed and said “isn’t everyone!”.

I then told her, there are two tax systems, one for the informed, and one for the uninformed…you must be the latter. I told her, it’s not your fault, where would you have ever learned how to become part of the informed group.

I then told her about all the tax benefits of a home business, in particular how you can keep more of what you make.  That extra pays for the home business and helps you grow it to make more money.

For the next hour and a half, this young lady spoke to me, almost giggling on how excited she is to get started in her new home business and asked me multiple times if I could recommend one to her…
Just think if I had a home business to offer!

Show Tax Savings With Rocket Recruiting App

Did he sell her anything?
No way.

He just educated her on how she was losing money and had the information to help her start to keep more of her hard-earned money and make more on top of it.

The best part about “good information” is that it is rejection-free. Meaning, no one can turn you down, you are not “selling” anything…just helping people be smarter about their finances.

Then, when they ask more about it or ask if you have a home business to recommend, as this woman did, you of course DO!

They have just given you permission to offer the opportunity!

The Rocket Recruiting App gives you a simple tool to show exactly how a home business will change their financial life and you won’t be able to resist telling everyone you know!

Your team sponsoring will skyrocket with the Rocket Recruiting system!


    Shared by: Eric Tippetts:

    Hey Bobbie,
    Listen to tonights show and I will explain further.

    Shared by: bobbie:

    A cruise with family members is NOT deductible on one’s income tax return. It is a personal expense.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks for that, Bobbie – you are right a totally family cruise is not a business deduction but a cruise with your fellow direct sellers that family members join you on is networking with like minded professionals and may be considered working. I mean really who would go on vacation with their co-workers!?

      The thing is that work at home becomes merged with personal outings. I went to Florida to visit Mom and Sis and do a show for them and their friends.

      I schedule a show in VT (very far from my house) and take a ski trip and do the show!

      The app just shows how some of the things you already do can be an addition to your tax savings.
      Tune into the show tomorrow night and I will present your question/statement to Eric, live on air! Thanks!

    Shared by: Deb:

    I missed the show on recruiting with tax savings. Was it recorded?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Hi Deb,
      Not sure if you subscribed to the comments of your blog article post so I will email this to you as well.

      The show is live on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday monthly and replays 7 days a week. This show airs everyday through 6/25/13 at these times:

      Friday @ 6:00 PM EST
      Saturday @ 7:00 PM EST
      Sunday @ 6:00 AM EST
      Monday @ 1:00 PM EST
      Tuesday @ 3:00 PM EST
      Wednesday @ 8:00 PM EST
      Thursday @ 8:00 AM EST

      Just go to to listen.

      The Elite Club gets the downloads within 48 hours of each show.

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