Tips To Become Successful Recruiter

There are a few basic traits that all successful recruiters have.
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How To Be A Successful Recruiter

  1. Have Fun At Your shows! Always be relaxed! It is OK to make mistakes. If you are stressed when you get to the party leave your troubles at the door and enjoy yourself!
  2. Keep It Simple! If it looks too hard then no one will want to give it a try! Keep the show short and do not bring too many products!
  3. Tell Your Personal Recruiting Story: Share your personal why at the beginning of your show. Tell the audience how your business affected your family and personal life and invite them to learn more.
  4. Follow Up With Every Lead Within 48 Hours! The key is follow up. Make sure you follow up quickly and stay in touch until they sign on the dotted line!
  5. Be Persistent – Not Pushy! The key is permission-based marketing… Ask permission to follow up. Each time you reach out if the answer is still no thank you, ask again if they would like to be considered in the future.
  6. Have A Tracking System! Whether it is written, a notebook, or a digital tracking system likeĀ without a system your best leads will fall through the cracks!
  7. Never Prejudge: The person who you least expect to sign up could be your next super star! What if your recruiter had decided for you that it was not a good match?
  8. Share The Opportunity With Everyone! The more you share with, the more you will sign! Remember that NO is the path to your next yes!
  9. Allow People To Say No! Accept no for an answer! The person standing in front of you will not make or break your business!
  10. Forget About Yourself! Sharing your business opportunity is not about you. How can you help them? Never talk more than 10 seconds without asking a question!
  11. Be Proud & Be Passionate! When you talk about your business let your passion shine through.

Direct sales has changed your life and those changes may exist for others as well.

They just do not know it yet!

Even if you are not a recruiting machine now, you will become a successful recruiter by incorporating and practicing these simple traits!

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