Teach Recruiting The Same As Sales!

Selling your business opportunity is most successful when approached the same way as selling any of your products, opportunities or services.

If a distributor can create desire for the products then they can also create desire for the income opportunity.
Teach Recruiting
Teach recruiting using the same techniques that you use to teach sales and booking skills.

Teach Recruiting The Same As Sales

Rather than teaching recruiting separately later, making it seem harder, train your new consultants in recruiting from day one.

Teach your consultants to recruit using the same techniques that you use to teach them how to sell your products. When you can create desire for a product you can use the same skills to create desire for the business opportunity.

The opportunity to start a business with your company is really the product that you have to offer with the greatest value.

The home party selling technique of creating desire for your products, services AND your business opportunity can all be accomplished using the same techniques.

Teach Recruiting With Opportunity Attitude

There are 5 traits or skills that are required for a consultant to be good at recruiting and sharing the home based business opportunity.

The Opportunity Attitude is as follows:

  1. A Belief in the opportunity: Many consultants believe that it is a great opportunity for themselves but do not believe it enough to see the value for others.
  2. A Consistent business or show schedule: Direct sales consultants who have ample business for themselves will be exposed to many people who may want the opportunity. Whether that be 1:1 sales or a solid show schedule, they will not worry about competition.
  3. Fun: If the consultant is not having fun, it is almost impossible to become a good recruiter.
  4. Focus on others: Sales means to serve so keeping the focus on other people’s needs is key to being good at sales. Selling your most valuable product, the opportunity to create income, is no different than selling the products in your catalog.
  5. A Desire to learn how to sign up consultants: Learning how to be good at starting new consultants is a learning process. A desire to learn is essential for business growth.

The Direct Sales Recruiting University webinar series gives team leaders the knowledge that they need to teach recruiting skills to their team and create a caring and sharing organization.

Team Leaders’ Opportunity Attitude

Team leaders who have the attitude that recruiting is the same as selling products will grow a team of recruiters!

Teach your team how to create desire for all services from day one by treating the opportunity to create income as the product that will bring the most value to the livesĀ  of their customers.

When your attitude is to focus on, teach to and support the 5 traits of a successful recruiter then your sales organization will become a caring and sharing team.


    Shared by: Jason Irebrian:

    This was the first time I listened to the show. Your point is well taken. I am definitely seeing what you mean by making it seem harder than it should be by separating it for teaching later.

    Love what you said on the show about management is a choice but recruiting is required.

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